Swim in Berlin: Plötzensee


Just six kilometers from Mitte lies Plötzensee in Wedding’s park Rehberge – which means it’s a quick and easy to reach spot to enjoy the last rays of warming summer sunshine by and in the water. Hopefully September will treat us with some warm days before we enter autumn and winter. The lake has its own guarded public bath, but if you don’t mind climbing a fence, you can find small spots to get in the water all around the lake. Or you rent a boat and jump in from there.
And for those of you who like to catch some of the Plötze (carps), you can also get fishing tickets for this lake.

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  1. Kate on


    What a find – this looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ann on


    what are the prices? :)

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Rather low, but not ridiculously cheap

  3. Meike on


    Love that place. Eating at Asia-Deli is always fun and delicious. Found the place through a “Nächste Ausfahrt Wedding”- culinary tour a couple of years ago. At that time they were quite hesitant regarding the “surrender” of their red menue. Luckily for us non-Chinese that has changed ;)

  4. Yueling Liu on


    Haha, both fish-fragranced aubergine(yu xiang qie zi) and Mapo Tofu(“Mapo 麻婆” in Mandarin means freckled Frau, it got the name because the woman who created this dish had lots of freckles) are well-known traditional Sichuanese cuisines, and I’m guessing also the tofu with green peppers you ordered, because it looks like Xiongzhang Tofu(tofu briefly fried in shallow oil, then stir fried in sauce) with green peppers substituting Chinese green garlic bolt.

    I’ve tried the three dishes mentioned above myself at Asia Deli, although I can’t say that they are as delicious as my dad’s version(I’m from Sichuan), but this recommendation is definitely legit.ヾ ^∇^

  5. hannah on


    Uhhhh, I wanna go!!!!! You wouldn’t have any suggestions for LA btw (area Beverly Hills-West Hollywood…)?

  6. Jeni on


    Was there last night, two of the dishes definite hits, especially the aubergine, but the octopus was a bit tough. Great place, thanks for the recommend (and in my neighbourhood…)

  7. David on


    it’s cheap. Best squid I ever had. Ask for the red menu.

  8. Chris on


    Thanks for the recommandation – didn´t have such an authentic Chinese food since my stay in Taiwan. I didn´t even now, that there are real Chinese restaurants serving anything else than this crapy and typical >>23B – chicken sweet-sour double fried<< -stuff.
    I mean, they even serve pig feed and kidney, fatty belly, and stuff like that – haven´t seen something like that before here. It was so incredibly tasty :) !!!
    Of course we ordered much more then we could really eat, but we couldn´t stop until everything was finished and nothing was left, haha.

    Great place, thanks again!

  9. Yoske on


    Thank you Mary! This was the best tip! We really enjoyed Hunan dishes sweating and smiling! Oh yes, this will be our routine!

  10. weddinger on


    dammm…. it was a secret tip… but no more with your article… many hipstars and “expats”… Jesus.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      this blog is about sharing the many great places this city has to offer, we wish those small enterprises the most of success and are very happy and proud to hear they got loads of new customers from this article. still, we’re sorry to hear you’re suffering from not being able to enjoy this fabulous food in perpetual solitude any more.

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