Food in Berlin: Mädchenitaliener


There’s been a time, it’s already several years past, when “lunch menues” had their moment in Berlin. Means getting a starter and a main course for mostly around 8 Euros in mostly Kreuzberg restaurants. This is pretty affordable for two courses, but it also means you eat a lot and as a consequence are very tired in the afternoon. But today, we revived the old habits at Mädchenitaliener.
Some might say, this small and likeable Italian place on Alte Schönhauser also is a thing of the past, last time I ate there is about 5 years ago. But especially for ice-cold and grey winter days, as we’re facing them soon enough, this cosy spot is a great option. Their menu is simple, classic Italian pasta dishes with a twist and of course the famous pasta with figs, which is still their best seller. We had a salad with a delicious mozarella and onions in balsamico, pasta with mussels and tagliatelle with fresh spinach and almond-grape pesto. The later being surprising in its sweetness with a nice touch of savoury parmesan cheese. Though my lunch partner wasn’t totally convinced of his mussels dish, I would be totally up for having my lunch here again.

Alte Schönhauser Straße 12
10119 Berlin Mitte

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Subway: Weinmeisterstraße
+49 30 40041787
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat 11h–24h,
Sun from 18h


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  1. paul on


    oh my. this is too much hottness for me to handle at the moment.
    he must have been freezing though..

  2. Le 21ème on


    AWESOME! Great stance and even better trench!


  3. Tiffany Apostolou on


    i can’t help but agree! hot and stylish!

  4. Sabine on


    Cool and comfortable, nice mix!

  5. Anonymous on


    yeeeeah! like that!

  6. Hector Jr. on


    personally. I mean this look has been done before- but its paired quite nicely and his earring adds that extra detail.

  7. pawlessvictory on


    aw whats up with this army haircut? average american streetstyle

  8. love-life-faschion* on


    He´s a realy interesting and cool guy….Great shot!!!

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