Food in Berlin: Pauly Saal

Pauly Saal

Coming from the creators of notorious Grill Royal and even more infamous King Size Bar, the opening of Pauly Saal this spring was certainly loaded with expectations. Several months later, it is the food they serve we should focus on.
Being a vegetarian is not easy when visiting an upscale restaurant, most chefs will give you a rather disappointed look when asked to create a dish sans meat. Most of the time you’ll receive a stripped down main course that was hastily made. I have to admit, I expected the same thing happening to me at Pauly Saal. And oh boy was I wrong. They served a poached porcini cream with roasted porcini and cauliflower, tomatoes and crispy quinoa and this was one of the best vegetarian upscale dishes I had in Berlin (so far). It worked on all the levels “normal” dishes should work on: the sweetness of the skinned tomatoes went so well with the earthy porcini and the crispy quinoa made a nice contrast to the tender poached cream. And of course the used produce was excellent in taste. Thanks for this rare treat, I hope this example is going to become a regular habit in Berlin’s restaurant scene.

Pauly Saal
Auguststraße 11-13
10117 Berlin Mitte

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Subway: Oranienburger Straße
+49 30 33006070
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Opening Hours:
daily from 12h


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  1. Anonymous on


    everthing agrees perfectly.

  2. Selia on


    Oversize blazer..

  3. Anonymous on


    i like that early 90s style, very hansome!

  4. Andrea on


    Realy nice.

  5. Mia on


    der Look ist wunderbar und passt gut zur jahreszeit, auch die treter!

  6. Uberding on


    ahhh – wir lieben ES!

  7. Chris on


    oversize 90s trend schön und gut, sie wirkt einfach mal viel zu kastig. ohne den pulli unter dem blazer könnte man das outfit vielleicht noch retten.

  8. Edna Leshowitz on


    This photo is great. I love the over-sized jacket and the sense of New-Wave in her look. Great blog overall. I’m adding you to my list of favorite blogs on my own blogsite.


  9. Olga on


    I love this outfit!^)

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