Food in Berlin: Wilde Gärtnerei

Wilde Gärtnerei

Wilde Gärtnerei is one of my favorit vegetable and fruit vendors in Berlin, I like them so much, I don’t mind thrusting my way through the crowds of Sunday’s Mauerpark flea market to get to their stall. The reason is simple, they sell their own tasty produce from a farm 30km north of Berlin where they take great pride in creating a self-supply community that deals with farming in a traditional and sustainable way. This results in a variety of vegetables and fruits you might have never seen before. Like the purple cauliflower or the mustard greens in the mix of wild herbs, or this one kind of apple of which they and acknowledged pomologist (yes, that’s a job) don’t know the name since the tree is too old to be classified. Everything they sell is full of flavor, also recommendable are their juices, which they make out of windfalls as well as honey.


You can buy their produce Saturday’s at Schillermarkt, Neukölln, as mentioned before, on Sunday’s Mauerpark flea market, or you join their collective and pick up your share in one of their stocks in Prenzlauer Berg, Pankow, Neukölln or Kreuzberg (click here for more information).

Update: Wilde Gärtnerei now also has a stall at the farmer’s market happening Fridays and Saturdays at Markthalle IX!

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  1. carly on


    I’m sold!! Momos are on my hitlist for this week! yum!! x

  2. M on


    come on guys, my family is from that part of the world and my aunties there would freak out if they saw these were being called ‘momos’!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      because? would love to get some insider knowledge about momos – have you tried them yet?

    2. M on

      LOL, you cannot take the momo shape too seriously! – it’s like a point of pride the momo shape you make :-) You all sit around a table and make heaps of them together, my euro boyfriend joined the table when we were in a village and was shortly laughed off of it. He’s reluctant to make them years later. google nepali momo or tibetan momo to see the traditional shape

  3. Natalie on


    was really excited by the idea; (and so close to my home!)
    but the name ‘momos’ raised some expectations that were not fulfilled. :(
    did not find the taste convincing, also sauce and momos not very matching.

    would recommend to go to one of the tibetan restaurants near @ubahnhof gneisenaustrasse for momos.

  4. beautycalyptique on


    you had me at “new”. no, seriously. everything has been tried (or sometimes given a second chance).

    my to-go spot right now is avan in the kronenstrasse, hidden in that swish concept store, oukan (photo:
    and I don’t even write much about Berlin. but such ‘trouvailles’… I need to share.
    bonus: they will never be overrun by tourists (too far from the beaten track, too hidden, a sandwich shop next door – naaah).

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I was also drawn by Avan, though the food sadly didn’t convince me in the end… but maybe, they’ve just had a bad day.

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