On Tour: Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Palm Springs was the last stop on our road-trip, in principle planned to heat us up before returning to the dreadful cold in Berlin. Located in the desert of the Coachella valley, the city experienced its heyday in the 1960s, when it was known as the “recreation center to the stars”. And the city kept this feel until today with its many mid-century architectures.
It is even flatter than LA, most of the buildings have only one level, although it’s significantly smaller, which means you can see most of it using a bike. It gets incredibly hot during the day in November, until the sun disappears behind the hills limiting the city to the west at an early 3pm. We had dinner at the vegan Palm Greens Café, where with the spinach nut burger I had my first burger, and it was great – juicy, balanced taste and very fine vegan coleslaw. There’s another spot to recommend in Palms Springs, but I leave that for tomorrow.


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  1. Vinda Sonata on


    i LOVE her style. the layering’s so creatively done and i love her highwaist shorts. lovely!!

    fashion atelier.

  2. Enrique on


    Layering is a very good reason to like colder weather. The chic fur (fake?)coat is what pulls together the look.

  3. Saryary on


    lovee the entire look!

  4. The Lisbon Tailor on


    I love the impact of the classic Barbour in a trendier look

  5. Cecylia on


    Great legs!

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