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I was invited by Bettery Magazine to stay a little longer in California than I planned to attend the launch party of Jeremy Scott‘s new smart car, which turned out to be happening at the famous Jim Henson Muppet‘s studio and attracted a colorful crowd of Jeremy Scott fans and friends.

After a surprise performance of uber-artist M.I.A., the all white smart forjeremy car with hot red wings appeared above the stage. It’s shiny white exterior, luxurious white interior with the quilted leather seats and bright chrome details certainly made it the most photographed item of the night.

stilinberlin jeremy scott smart 2

But the guests didn‘t fall short in style, Kira from Vienna arrived in a sparkly embellished mini skirt, an electric blue fur west with a ponytail held by a bone she found in a thrift store, smartly referring to Scott’s 2010 collection inspired by the Flintstones. One saw Mark Hunter of the Cobrasnake arriving in a sweater ensemble printed with a bright skeleton and glittery platform sandals and young LA boys in neon bright feather boas and black chinese hats. I have rarely seen such an outburst of eccentric chic in LA.

stilinberlin jeremy scott smart 1 stilinberlin jeremy scott smart

I have been covering the night and launch for Bettery Magazine, you can see even more pictures on their site.


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