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Archive: January 2013

Crispy crunchy jiaozi, or pot stickers

Food in Berlin: Wok Show

At a recent Soho House reading, Luisa Weiss (also known as the Wednesday Chef) was lamenting the lack of cheap and plentiful dumplings in Berlin. Squeezed in the last free seat at the back of the crowd, I found myself nodding in vehement agreement…

Foto 1

On the Road: Hawaii

I am on the road again, invited for a campaign for Volkswagen (more on that later), I travelled to O’ahu, Hawaii. It’s magical and I only now start to grasp where I am. While I’m gone, this blog will be hosted by Florian Duijsens, who has already been contributing to this blog and I am very happy he’s taking over. (Nevertheless, there will be occasional Hawaiian posts, if you don’t mind.)