Food in Berlin: Mamecha Café

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This small café is truly Japanese – they serve a big selection of Japanese teas, from Sencha to Hojicha, Matcha and Genmaicha, and a small choice of food. The perfect lunch option are their bento boxes, that come with a very delicious and gentle Miso soup, a portion of rice, vegetarian gyoza, pickled vegetables and a salad. Its very quiet and certainly rather demure in style, the interior is not fancy, but who needs that when the food is that good. They don’t do sushi at all, and are very wise to do.
I personally consider Japanese food to be the one of the best for lunch break, since it won’t clog up your stomach as a heavy portion of Käsespätzle or a dish of noodles (although both very delicious) and will gently help you to get over afternoon lows. Don’t bring too many people to this tiny place, they’ve only got about 15 seats!

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Mulackstraße 33
10119 Berlin Mitte

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Subway: Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
+49 30 28884264
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat 12–20h


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  1. Hein on


    It is a little bit hard to find the right sauce for your own taste. But you could enjoy yourself . Thanks. Keep reaching for those stars in Berlin:-)

  2. Felix Eichholtz on


    Hey! Thanks for your Pfefferhaus report, mixed with theese well made close up photos! All things you wrote are 100% my personal point of view… besides, we offer all interested visitors of our shop a little test session and all further informations to find the right products. Spice up your life!

  3. jędrek on


    Stumbled into here by accident the other day. The shopkeeper was great, didn’t mind that we came in a little after closing (eep) and gave me a little tasting of their most popular sauces. Ended up buying four bottles to take home with me. Great product, great service, highly recommended.

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