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Archive: March 2013

Discover This: Peak

Appearances are deceptive. The star of this film, the Alps, has been photographed and painted countless times, its images have been reproduced, and its postcards have become a cliché of the postcard genre itself. Over the years, the Alps have become a construction and a fantasy, a wish and a projection of our desires. It is shocking to realize that what we have been taking for granted is not quite what it seems. Hannes Lang’s amazing feature film debut, Peak, suggests: The Alps don’t exist anymore.

Shop in Berlin: Lunettes Selection

Although we’re currently living under ice in Berlin with temperatures around zero degrees, this city is blessed with nonstop sunshine and blue sky, rising my anticipation for higher temperatures, blossoming trees and that particular spring scent. In case you don’t yet have the perfect sunglasses for this frenetic, bright sunshine, I strongly suggest to visit Lunettes Selection.

At Home: Nella Rieken & Martin Aleith

Visiting Nella and Martin in her Mitte Plattenbau flat turned out to be the perfect Saturday activity – while having a coffee and chat with Nella, her daughter Tessa decided to build a road of books from the living room all the way to the kitchen, and finally invited us for a game of Mensch ärgere Dich nicht, a classic German board game.