Lunch in Berlin: Lavanderia Vecchia

Imagine a shaded backyard, furnished with simple wooden tables and chairs, in which dishes full of dainty smelling risotto with chanterelles are served for your enjoyment during lunch break. Imagine the risotto dish was preceded by a beautiful cold soup made of tomatoes and followed by a delicious mascarpone cream with seasonal berries. Imagine you’d only pay 13 Euros for this stunning lunch menu.

Carrot cake with a lemon topping and pistachios.
Carrot cake with a lemon topping and pistachios.

Lavanderia Vecchia is famous all over Berlin, but actually for its dinner menu feasts, starting at 7.30 and finishing after 11pm, serving antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci for a smashing price of 45 euro including half a liter of wine. You better plan on not eating the day before you go and the day after. An easier version of the same kitchen is presented during lunch, where the cooking quality might not be as breathtaking, but still pretty good and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Despite the hurrying, sometimes confused waiters.

Mascarpone cream with seasonal berries
Mascarpone cream with seasonal berries

You can make it a quick lunch as well, sparing yourself either the first or the last course, but if you feel like you’re in for a treat, I advise you to go get the full lunch menu. And have a good afternoon’s sleep after that, because traditional Italian kitchen is not a light one, but worth every calorie.

Lavanderia Vecchia
Flughafenstraße 46
12053 Berlin Neukölln

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Subway: Boddinstraße
+49 30 62722152
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Opening Hours:
Mon–Sat 12:00–15:00
Mon–Sat 19:30–23:00


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  1. Lauren@Styleseer on


    So sorry we missed this place on our recent trip to Berlin. There were so many good places to try and too little time. This definitely looks like a must visit next time around!

  2. Jay K. on


    This looks really great. Love how you make your photos and how you use your 50mm lens. Do you have your 5D always with you?

  3. Anna on


    I cannot thank you enough for this review. I traveled to Berlin last week for the first time and booked a dinner reservation here for our last night. The food and atmosphere were wonderful! What a neat little tucked away gem! The food was just wonderful, and we loved that it lasted over three hours. The kitchen is open so you can see the chef prepare everything. The decor was unusual and worked very well. I thought the cost of 45 euro per person to be well worth it. It made for a memorable evening on our last night celebrating our anniversary. Thank you!

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