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Archive: August 2013

Art in Berlin: Sunset, August 8th, 2013

Some say the best Berlin experiences take place at dawn: making it past the doormen at Berghain, successfully avoiding the Club Mate bottles on your way home through a park, even being awakened by the garbage trucks and knowing you can sleep another hour or two. Everything looks better just before the break of day. Everything, that is, except for absolutely EVERYTHING when we have a sunset like the one we did last night. Berlin was all a-gloaming in pastels, and it was glorious.

Discover This: Jaurès

A ghost haunts the scene – it’s invisible and rarely audible, hardly there but always present. He would be dead if it weren’t for the archival footage that resurrects him and frees so many emotions. It’s a ghost called love, a ghost named Simon that director Vincent Dieutre summons in one of the most extraordinary, unusual, and unorthodox love stories of the year – Jaurès.

Chinese in Berlin: Lucky Star

Everybody has their own perfect comfort food. There’s comfort foods that are best served solo—like congee, macaroni and cheese, grated apple—and then there’s comfort food that’s meant to be shared: popcorn, fried chicken, fresh mango, soup dumplings, or cheese fondue. None of these are as much fun, or as delicious, when consumed alone on your couch. Hot pot is clearly a dining experience of the latter, shared variety.

Burger in Berlin: Marienburger

After perusing your exciting recommendations here on the blog and on Facebook, I tried a burger at BBI (Berlinburger International), which turned out to be a charming hole in the wall. We sat outside, trying to place the more outlandish outfits on the slippery spectrum between accidental and intentional hipsterism, and the burgers were fine, just fine; a little on the thin and dry side perhaps, but tasty enough. Nothing to shout about on this blog though, unlike our second recommendation: Prenzlauer Berg’s Marienburger.