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I met Lotta a couple of months ago and since then couldn’t take my eyes off her. She’s a Weimaraner beauty of five years and lives in a spacious apartment in Prenzlauer Berg (if she’s not roaming the streets and parks). The newest addition to her home is a dog’s bed given to her by Berlin based dog label Cloud 7.

Looking for dog’s accessories, may it be beds, or bowls, or toys, usually means entering a world of aesthetical horror – loud colors, artificial materials, crazy decorations. Out of this sheer lack of visually pleasing yet functional pet’s stuff Petra Jungebluth, who’s been working for fashion brands like Strenesse before, founded Cloud 7 in 2010. The label offers a big range of dog’s beds, bowls, toys and collars in a minimal design and made from high quality and eco-friendly materials.

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Of course, that also means the prices are higher than the usual dog’s bed or bowl would cost you. But not only is a huge item like a dog’s bed a visually important part of a home, but also, and this will sound crazy to you and you’ll just have to believe me, I’ve never seen Lotta better rested and thus happier than on this bed. If there’s not something seriously important (like food or a stroll), she’s not gonna get up. She’ll just stay there snoozing the day away.

The first time Cloud 7 came to my attention, was when they sent me their lovely photo story of dogs with their owners, which you can see more of here.

This supercute dog is called Kale.
This supercute dog is called Kale.


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  1. Cecille on


    lovely coat!!



    wow. thats gorgeous. very sleek! love the leopard print detail on the collar.

  3. radio&fernseh on


    wow, amazing outfit, love her style…

  4. ttv on


    Great! indeed, nice style.

  5. Anonymous on


    i think that this style is really great but i don’t very like the leopard print detail on the collar ( sorry ) and i think that the coat would be beautifier with an other color ….:)

  6. Anonymous on


    I love the hat. Out of 99 million hats like that, it stands out for some reason. I like the color and chunkiness.

  7. classiq on


    the cape-like coat is so IN this season!

  8. Maela on


    Nice outfit,the cape is a must for this season…and the red of the lips is glamorous!

  9. Oliver on


    Love the look

  10. Anonymous on


    Perfect cape, looks really nice on her.

  11. Anonymous on


    Very glamourous and sophisticated!

  12. Vic on


    Toller Mantel! I like!

  13. Anonymous on


    Yes that’s my girlfriend! :-)

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