Bibimbap in Berlin: Mercosy

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bibimbap at mercosy, Kreuzberg, berlin

There’s no shortage of Bibimbap in Kreuzberg 36, as I was happy to realize. There’s not only Core, but also Mercosy – the latter being a bit more spacious and offering more places to sit and thus a safer option for a not-too-long lunch break and an insatiable desire for a mixture of rice, vegetables and hot sauce.

By now, all of you must about the curing character that enjoying a Bibimbap in this grim weather can and will have. It’s a comfort food in the best sense – healthy ingredients are mixed together (the mixing itself is part of the comfort-food-experience, I think) and then enjoyed with a thoroughly warming chili sauce.

Mercosy also got an almost unbeatable offer for lunch: Bibimbap is served with a barley tea, a small miso soup and an iced tea for just and only 6,50 Euros. Oh these Kreuzberg prices…



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  1. Moritz on


    given the way you present and post this, do not expect these prices to stay as there they are.

  2. Katharina on


    that looks delicious! I’m getting hungry …
    I love your blog, it’s amazing. Very inspiring, thanks! <3

    Katharina from Katinka

  3. Laura on


    Mmmmm….. soo delicious

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