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We all have our coffee routines. While Kierkegaard preferred to have his morning coffee served on a sugar pyramid in his cup, Beethoven carefully counted every single bean. Berliners in search for their own infusion of morning inspiration can now choose from an ever-growing collection of coffee shops in the city, each more ‘authentically’ third-wave or homey than the next.

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While Mitte has practically been overrun with great little coffee shops, Friedrichshain hasn’t yet gotten a great deal of caffeinated attention. Trying to change this are the Australian owners of Silo, who’ve set up shop just off Boxhagener Platz, right in the heart of the busy neighborhood. And if you’re wondering about their bean supply, look no further than the city’s best-known roastery, The Barn.

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Although it only opened last summer, Silo has already become a local staple. And if the spacious wooden tables and the wall-mounted bike didn’t already convey the café’s Melbourne spirit, the first sip of your flat white certainly should. Add a crunchy dark sandwich with eggplant, goat cheese, and some red peppers, and you’ll understand its quick acceptance into the local scene.

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Since we first saw photos of their signature red cups and saucers popping up online, it was only a matter of time until we would check it out. And as you may have noticed our sweet tooth already, we can also wholeheartedly recommend their collection of sweets — while I decided on a cranberry/white chocolate cookie with just the right amount of chewy, I’m already looking forward to trying their homemade granola.

The thing about morning routines is surely that you should never have them become just that, routine. Maybe try a change of pace, a different route, a new coffee blend. Hey, and if you’re in Friedrichshain, try Silo.

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  1. gina on


    wonderful pics of this little treasure! Silo is definitely my favorite in Friedrichshain – too good it´s just around the corner from where I live ;) I go there every weekend!

  2. mati on


    actually there is great coffee in friedrichshain. tres cabesas is quite an institution (they are around since years) and aunt benny is a lovely place with very good coffee.

  3. Stylianos on


    A pity they buy their coffee from the Barn. I don’t want to be giving any money to them.

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