Food in Berlin: Asparagus

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Asparagus for lunch at Jolesch

It’s THE produce all Germans are waiting for each spring – this year the season started a lot earlier than usual, the short weeks of white-root-fun are treasured in many households. And I also tend to order asparagus every time I see it on a menu – I prefer the white queen classic style, with boiled potatoes and either brown butter or sauce hollandaise, nothing more. But fresh herbs are much appreciated.

The question remains – where to have the best asparagus in this city? Many might suggest eating it outside of the city, traveling to one of the many Spargeldörfer surrounding Berlin, the most famous one being Beelitz. Other’s recommend visiting the city’s high class restaurants, some seasons ago I had a delicious plate at Borchardt’s, for example.

Pictured above is a lunch I enjoyed at Jolesch in Kreuzberg, a really nice Austrian restaurant – while the asparagus itself was good, just not great, I enjoyed the wild herbs on top of it a lot. Even better was the classic German asperge dish I was served at 3 Minutes Sur Mer, my favorite French bistro on Torstraße. Surprised? Me too, but then this bistro’s food is outstanding throughout, that they’re exceeding in asparagus is not that surprising. (Of course, once again they made us ask for a vegetarian main dish instead of putting it on the menu. A bit annoying, but let them have their French blasé.)

I want to know, where do you go for Spargel?


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  1. Andre on


    ok, steht rechts, ich habs gefunden, blame it on the Layout. ihr könnt meinen anderen Kommentar löschen. am Ende des Textes würde es meiner Meinung nach mehr Sinn machen, weil sichtbarer

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      werden wir mal überlegen, danke für den hinweis

  2. Mike on


    Auf dem iPad ist die Adresse ja nach den Kommentaren. Da schaut wirklich keiner. Und was ich hier tippe , sehkann ich nicht sehen, da hinter der Menubar. Also Entschuldigung für all die Fehler!

    Tolle Seite ansonsten!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Danke für den Hinweis, ich gebe das weiter :)

  3. Rosemary Mark on


    My daughter lives near the Herrfurthstr location. When visiting from California last fall, after walking by many times and seeing the crowds I had to try this Berlin burger. It was as good as your pictures show and the fries are not to be skipped. But my favorite part was watching the employees and customers as I waited for the order. I was surely the oldest person there by at least 20 years and it was fun to be part of the energy and eves drop on the conversations. (As much as I was able to understand auf Deutsch)!

  4. Oana on


    I live in Schillerkiez and indeed, it is a safe bet, and also one of the only alternatives in the area, as there aren’t too many places to eat around there. But it is definitely far from being one of the best burgers in Berlin (yes, I know you haven’t said that), there are better ones in town…and the sweet potatoes fries are a bit too sugary..

  5. Daggle on


    Schillerburger is part of the gentrification of the Shillerkiez. The problem is summed up exactly in the policy of employing “friends”. No room for local people there! These places are set up overnight, driving up rents and costs to local people and selling products that few from the area can afford.

    1. Seb on

      Who are they renting from? They’re renting from local property owners, if the rental prices increase then the property owners business is growing, they can employee more staff, earn more money themselves, spend that money in other local businesses, pay taxes which provides welfare and schools to these ‘local people’.
      If this business is a success and the locals are unable to afford the product then that suggests that this business is bringing affluent people to the area, who will spend money in other local businesses. They may well be tourists or expats who’s income often comes from outside of Germany, never mind outside of Neukölln. Great for the local economy. Let’s remove the tourists from Berlin and see how quickly this city goes bankrupt. Or we can rely on it’s huge banking sector/manufacturing/agriculture – nope.
      This is capitalism, it’s usually not perfect but it’s not North Korea either, no ones eating Don Carlos burgers there.

    2. franz on

      you are part of the problem. if a good 4 euroburger is too expensive for you then get a f*ing job or go the plenty available crappy and cheap pizzaslice and döner places around the corner on hermannstrasse.
      the problem are always the shitty bars attracting drunkyards who are annoying the shit out of everyone living there.
      having a good choice of restaurants is for the people living there positive.
      another sh* student bar for drunk a*s not.

  6. Matthias on


    Ausprobiert, und für gut befunden. Danke für den Tipp.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Super, danke!

  7. Adrian Verne on


    Shake Shack is good, but seriously Patty and Bun in London blows it away by 1000 miles. Hope you try it one day!

  8. Christos on


    Hi, Schiller burger looks great! Just one thing, there is a Shake Shack in Istanbul. You may want to get a plane towards East some time. Cheers and thanks for the tip.

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