Berlin’s Best: Breakfast Guide Part 2 – Epic & Indulgent

It is a glorious day when there’s plenty of time for a breakfast, when you want a table filled with poached delights, baked goodies and drizzled everything. Lucky for us, Berlin has some very worthwhile options to fill your belly and warm your heart in the morning, from delicious treats piled on étagères and plates, mountains of buttermilk pancakes and heaps of thick sauces. What is very important – in 2015 Berlin offers many locations where hungry earlybirds can get a fancy cocktail with their first meal, a quintessential part of every brunch. And this isn’t limited to the weekend, we can have decadent brunches now every day, at almost any time. Enjoy!
And if time is short, consult the part 1 of this guide for a quick and easy but nevertheless delicious breakfast.

– Everyday –


Café Einstein

Starting this guide with a classic Berlin institution feels quite appropriate – this impressing Kaffeehaus close to Tiergarten serves a choice of German breakfast on an elegant étagère with possible add-ons of scrambled eggs. Also great for summer breakfasts in their glorious garden. Read more here.

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Kurfürstenstraße 58, 10785 Berlin Tiergarten – visit website
Mon–Sun 08:00–24:00

buttermilk pancakes at distrikt coffee berlin mitte

Distrikt Coffee

It feels very much as if this one turned around Mitte’s breakfast scene when it opened almost a year ago – with their menu featuring fluffy pancakes, acai bowls, avocado on toast, strong coffee and loads more. Especially since you can enjoy these treat everyday from 8.30 am! Read more here.

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Bergstraße 68, 10115 Berlin Mitte – visit website
Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00 , Sat–Sun 09:30–17:00

stilinberlin 19 grams chaussee-0011745

19 grams Chaussee

Little Joy is currently creating the most exciting brunch dishes in the city and has consulted the menu at Tres Cabezas new coffee join on Chausseestraße. Serving brunch on on weekdays from 09:00 to 14:00 and weekends from 10:00 to 15:00weekends from 10:00 to 15:00 – Read more here.

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Chausseestrasse 36, 10115 Berlin Mitte – visit website
Mon–Fri 08:00 - 18:00 , Sat–Sun 10:00 - 18:00 ,

stilinberlin hotel am steinplatz-0879 stilinberlin hotel am steinplatz-0887

Hotel am Steinplatz

When looking for an indulgent breakfast on a weekday, hotels can be a relevant choice. Not many feature an à la carte menu, though. Hotel am Steinplatz in Tiergarten does with a very interesting list of German breakfast dishes like poached eggs with pickled cucumber salad, roasted sourdough bread and ham from Berlin; or with roasted tomatoes, hollandaise, spinach and toasted muffins (pictured above). If you got a sweeter tooth try their buttermilk Plinsen (pancakes) with honey from Berlin and butter, or Armer Ritter (the German French toast) with sirup made from sugar beets – pure deliciousness. Mon–Fri 06.30–10.30, Sat & Sun 06.30–11:00

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Steinplatz 4, 10623 Berlin Tiergarten – visit website

stilinberlin house of small wonder-7645

House of Small Wonder

This house truly is full of wonders, not only because you will love the interior, that is done with lots of consideration without looking overly styled. The menu offers breakfast food from Europe with a Japanese twist – like the croissant french toasts in the picture above, croque madame, and eggs benedict with wasabi hollandaise (only on weekends).

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Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin Mitte – visit website
Mon–Sun 09:00–17:00 , ,


No58 Speiserei

Here is where a simple German breakfast, assorted cheeses, jam, fruits and veggies, turns into something far more special. Every ingredient is fresh and of quality, and is especially good for vegetarians overwhelmed by the bacon and sausage heavy menus. Their breakfast menu features goodies like scrambled eggs – with pumpkin seed oil, avocado, or vegan as tofu scrambles-, Bircher Müsli, yoghurt and granola, and is served all day. Read more here.

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Weisestraße 58, 12049 Berlin Neukölln – visit website
Mon – Fri 09:30 – 18:00, Sat–Sun 10:00 – 18:00 ,

stilinberlin roamers-0793 stilinberlin roamers-0796


This instagram-ready place on the other end of Pannierstraße is a breakfast favorite in its Kiez with its huge plates full of poached eggs, spinach and bread; black beans with fried eggs, salsa and feta; scrambled eggs; huevos rancheros; or sweet treats like a French toast with loads of fruits and greek yoghurt. Take your time or bring many friends to get the most out of this indulgent morning meal. Read more here.

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Pannierstraße 64, 12043 Berlin Neukölln – visit website
Tue–Fri 09:30–19:00 , Sat–Sun 10:00–19:00

fried brioche at silo berlin


If this one wasn’t in Friedrichshain, I’d be here everyday (sorry Friedrichshain…). Silo is constantly working on their morning routine, offering nourishing and delicious dishes like pancake in a pan with poached egg, bacon and maple syrup, shakshouka, porridge, avocado on Sironi toast, stunning French toast. Available everyday!! Read more here.

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Gabriel-Max-Straße 4, 10245 Berlin Friedrichshain – visit website
Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00 , Sat 09:30–19:00 , Sun 10:00–19:00 ,

stilinberlin the store kitchen-0927

The Store Kitchen

If this one wasn’t in Mitte, I’d be here everyday (sorry). I’ve said that about their lunch, and I repeat it for their breakfast: it is divine. (And totally up my personal alley). Pictured here is a sourdough waffle with kale, porcini, a poached egg and house made hot sauce (so good), in the back are sourdough pancakes with poached quince. The menu also offers bowls filled with mango, papaya, coconut kefir, ume and chia; or sprouted grain porridge with almond milk; or brown rice with lemongrass and fermented spring onions; or nduja with baked habricots and labneh. I’m drooling just typing these words. Read more here.

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Torstraße 1, 10119 Berlin Mitte – visit website
Mon – Sat 10:00–19:00 , ,

Weekends only

Brunch at Geist im Glas

Geist im Glas

Usually a bar, this place in the midst of Kreuzkölln will serve you the perfect hangover cure on weekends – their brunch features three dishes plus many morning-cocktails. The fluffy pancakes with dulce de leche and bourbon infused maple sirup were my favorite, but I wouldn’t not wanna have the biscuits with gravy before – Read more here. Saturdays & Sundays 12:00–16:00.

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Lenaustraße 27, 12047 Berlin Neukölln – visit website
Daily from 19:00 , Brunch on weekends 10:00–16:00

stilinberlin hallesches haus-0919

Hallesches Haus

New to the brunch-party is this gorgeous gem at Hallesches Tor – they’re serving up breakfast food in their stunning store and restaurant on Saturdays from 10:00 till 15:00 – enjoy their huevos rancheros, quinoa bowls and picture-perfect french toast. Read more here.

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Tempelhofer-Ufer 1, 10961 Berlin Kreuzberg – visit website
Mon–Fri 09:00–19:00 , Sat 10:00–15:00 ,




This is one for the lovers of vegan, raw and gluten free yet still scrumptious breakfasts – the most famous vegan supermarket offers a brunch buffet in their café in Prenzlauer Berg, every Sunday 10:00–15:00. Read more here.

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Schivelbeiner Straße 34, 10439 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – visit website
Mon–Sat: 08:00–21:00 ,

Croque Madame at 3 Minutes sur Mer

3 Minutes sur Mer

This one’s been a favorite of mine and was pretty much the only recommendable breakfast in Mitte for years. While this has changed, the French bistro is still a great choice for a weekend brunch with croque madame and monsieur, and poached eggs. Read more here.

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Torstrasse 167, 10115 Berlin Mitte – visit website
Mon–Fri 11–2h , Sat–Sun 10–2h

Once in a while

Berlin breakfast, breakfast in Berlin, The Breakfast Market, food in Berlin, Markthalle Neun, Big Stuff Smoked BBQ
Big Stuff’s Breakfast Sandwich coming straight out of your dreams.

Breakfast Market

An almost institution is this market of breakfast food – it’s like Street Food Thursday but only with morning meals like Future Breakfast’s Eggs Benedict Sandwich or Big Stuff Smoked BBQ’s breakfast sandwich, alongside wheat grass shots, sweet panzerotto, Indian sandwiches, Fischbrötchen and much, much more. And there’s a really good bar. Your breakfast paradise, every third Sunday of the month, next one is on October 18th from 10am! Read more here.

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Eisenbahnstrasse 42–43, 10997 Berlin Kreuzberg – visit website


Das Brunch

My cravings for more innovative brunch plates are answered by this event, aptly named Das Brunch, which pops up every couple of weeks at several pretty places all around the city, servings us delicious and innovative brunch plates. Like a couple days ago at their take-over of CFL Canteen, where they served The Phoenix, a combination of poached organic eggs, with manouri cheese, chickpeas in yellow pepper sauce, baba ganoush, a sweet potato rösti and the broccolini plus acovado. It’s a smashing combo, with intense flavors and a complex profile, thanks to the many different components, that complement each other since they’re all somewhat inspired by Persian recipes. There was also Bloody Mary, an oyster and champagne bar, as well as a nice choice of sweet baked goods, from brownies to muffins and cheesecake. The next Das Brunch is not yet confirmed, but I will definitely keep you updated on that. Until then, follow their Facebook Page! Read more here.

stilinberlin buns brunch-0935

Buns Brunch

Coming to you from the much beloved team of Bunsmobile, this brunch is only happening this fall on Sundays at Neukölln’s new and cute French place L’eustache. With a simple yet striking menu of poached eggs, brunch plates with black pudding, thick bacon and some graved salmon, this brunch excels at sweets – their French toast topped with salted caramel ice cream by Jones Ice Cream is to. die. for. Also: they’re serving plenty of natural wine with it. It really is only going on until Nov 8th 2015, so be quick. (And make it so popular, they turn it into a regular affair, thanks.) Sunday, 11.30–17:00

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Weisestraße 49, 12049 Berlin Neukölln – visit website
Tue – Sat 18:00-23:00 ,


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  1. Rae on


    Thanks for this incredible list! I have been to a few of these places but must check out the rest on this list!


  2. Kristjaana on


    All these foods look so delicious! Thanks for the tips and def going to try some of these spots out when visiting Berlin :))

    xx Kristjaana

  3. Peter on


    Wow – those photos are just fantastic! Although I’m sure that all of it tastes delicious, my favourite breakfast in Berlin remains the more traditional Frühstück plates you describe as “Everyday” breakfast: Different sorts of bread, cheese, sausages, perhaps some yoghurt with müsli and a big, black cup of coffee. Cannot come to think of a better way to start the day than that :-) Thanks for sharing…

  4. Kalinda on


    The Store Kitchen sounded great since it is just around the corner from where I live and I was going to have business breakfast there. When I called to see if I needed to book a table they told me they don’t have breakfast but only coffee and cake…bummer

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      they do have brunch on the weekend :) and some brunch dishes during the week – like the brown rice bowl with poached egg!

  5. Linh on


    Can you post a link with Part 1 please? cheers :)

  6. sararoser on


    Great guide, as usually Mary. In my opinion there are four places missing though: Le Bon (best eggs benedict), Bastard (I think all they do is breakfast), CabSlam (best pancakes) and Morena (great croissants) – I’m obviously a xberg kid.
    Also, near Admiral Brück, there are these two lovely places: goldmarie (they don’t have a lot of choices but the ones they do have are really nice, especially the vegan breakfast) and tee-salon-iki (a tiny little place from a greek guy, with lovely greek-inspired delicacies for breakfast). Don’t know if you know them, but they are worth a shot. You know, in my humble opinion.

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