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Vegetarian thai food delivered from Papaya

Post in cooperation with and sponsored by Resto-in.

We all know there are plenty of moments in life when someone coming to our door and handing us food is all we ever want. Lucky us, the delivery scene has exploded in the past months and we have plenty choice. However, while many of them restrict you to the limits of your district, this one offers the luxury of delivering food from the yummyiest places all over the town almost everywhere, ordered via website or their app on IOS and Android: Resto-in. Here are three moments when Resto-in is all you need (directly taken from my life).

1. When that new season of a tv-series everyone’s talking about just came out and you start with watching just one episode, then another one and one more until you realize you’re hungry and need something delicious to eat while watching episodes 4 and 5. Then order at: Papaya.
This Thai place is delivering from Friedrichshain and it’s a lot better than your average Thai: scroll all the way down in the menu to get to the really interesting dishes: specials like sour and spicy Lab Gai from Isaan in north-eastern Thailand, dishes with octopus or haddock, and a delicious vegetarian Pad Thai. Don’t forget to order the iced tea or ice coffee to get you through the final 5 episodes.

stilinberlin resto in daluma

2. The day after you binge-watched that tv-series late into the night and totally forgot about grocery shopping but still want something that’s healthy yet doesn’t taste like dry grains. Then order at: Daluma.
That delivery food can be very healthy is proven with the offer of this vegan, clean eating deli from Mitte – pictured are their yummy cold-pressed juices Pink Fuel with grapefruit, almond milk, carrots and chia, as wells as Run, Forest with fennel, celeriac, spinach, apple, ginger, lemon and more – easily the most delicious green juice in Berlin – the other juices and smoothies are pretty bomb too, especially the choc-choc-crave smoothie that’s more a dessert. I also went for a big (although the picture doesn’t tell, but the cup is really high) serving of lentils topped with tahin, pommegranate, khaki, bitter greens, tamari, cashew, orange fig and much more. As well as as their dessert: mango and coconut cream topped with raspberry sauce, raw cacao nibs and coconut. Oh the green glory. You’ll feel very replenished.


3. When you went to a bar in Lichtenberg the night before, because your friends told you that’s where it’s happening now, and had some of these cheap whisky sours that looked really small but were totally loaded and this combined with the 30min taxi drive home won’t let you leave your house today and you need something substantial so you should order at: Fräulein Kimchi.
This is real comfort food: hand cut fries smothered in kimchi-cheese-sauce, bulgogi sauce and their own kimchi, a bowl full of rice topped with seasonal vegetables, fried egg, sweet and spice Ssamjang sauce and obviously more kimchi, a side of their red cabbage kimchi, pickled cucumbers and don’t forget that extra jar of kimchi to get your body back to normal.

All these restaurants are pretty far from where I wanted to eat their food, and still resto-in delivered, a definite advantage of their service. And their choice of restaurants is pretty top-notch as well: check this impressive list of places available in Berlin.

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    Looks great. We tried to use it a few months go, but needed a Facebook account to verify our details which we didn’t have.

    If we don’t need FB we’re in!

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