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Archive: March 2016

Ten Years and: Still in Berlin

Actually and seriously, you guys: last Thursday marked the 10th anniversary of this very blog: as in ten years and we’re / you’re / I’m still in Berlin. Ten years of blogging about Berlin, its oddities, its fashion and its food, its people and its passions. Well, this is as surprising for you as it is for me, because I never bet on this blog being read for so many years. That I’m still here, still blogging my heart out, is thanks to you guys, thanks to you reading, following, commenting, liking, and sharing. I’m forever grateful for your support.

Delivery in Berlin: Resto-in

We all know there are plenty of moments in life when someone coming to our door and handing us food is all we ever want. Lucky us, the delivery scene has exploded in the past months and we have plenty choice. However, while many of them restrict you to the limits of your district, this one offers the luxury of delivering food from the yummyiest places all over the town almost everywhere, ordered via website or their app on IOS and Android: Resto-in. Here are three moments when Resto-in is all you need (directly taken from my life).

Post in cooperation with and sponsored by Resto-in.

Berlin’s Best Bread: 2016

It was about time for a new endeavor in the land of carbs: last week, a bread-loving jury came together in my office in Kreuzberg to taste the finest baked goods in the city, celebrating sourness, judging crumb as well as crust and talking grains, flours and sourdough. We broke the bread, spread butter, dipped in oil and even toasted some of them, to find Berlin’s Best Bread, this year in four categories, which means we have four winners! However, all of the bakeries we invited are glorious examples of artisanal baking, an endangered trade, so make sure you buy your bread with them when looking for real good one.