Drink in Berlin: Negroni Week

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Negroni is somewhat of a forgotten drink, at least in my universe, however, once I re-discovered it, I fell in love! But maybe only I took that break, and you guys are sipping the deep red classic every night after work? Then you’ll be especially thrilled to hear about Negroni Week starting tomorrow: seven days used to promote this special drink by connecting it to a good cause – every bar joining the Negroni Week donates parts of their profits to a charity of their choice.
I’m using the occasion to present you my favorite spots in Berlin to enjoy a Negroni or three, follow me!

They say, the Negroni cocktail was invented circa 1919 in Florence at Caffe Rivoire. It can be served on the rocks or up in a cocktail glass, it’s a mix of gin, Campari, sweet vermouth with a garnish of orange zest, and has, at least for me, the perfect balance of bitterness. Negroni Week starts tomorrow and here’s where I’d say you should have it – but you can find over 100 Berlin bars joining the week on the official website.


Bar Zentral

You wouldn’t expect there to be such a relaxed, classy bar in this busy area, but here it is. Take a seat at the long wooden bar and enjoy one of their strong perfect drinks, all the while listening to some fab music. Their charity of choice is Gastronomie gegen Rassismus.
Bar Zentral, Lotte-Lenya-Bogen 551, 10623 Charlottenburg


Brut’s large wooden boards of carefully selected tasty cheese and sausage combined with stone-baked fresh sour crust bread, good butter, sweet-sour mustard and fine pickles, are very popular on ever-busy Torstraße and excellent in combination with their traditional aperitifs, long drinks and wines. Enjoy a Negronie savoir-vivre style and at the same time contribute to the donations to The Ocean Cleanup project.
Brut, Torstraße 68, 10119 Mitte

Dandy Diner

Not really a bar, but also not only a diner is the culinary home of fashion bloggers extraordinaire, Dandy Diary. Celebrating Negroni, the dandies will host you and your 20 best friends at an Italian Dinner coming Tuesday, check here how to win. When sipping their special, a Sloe Gin Negroni with the Dandies, you donate to One Warm Winter, benefiting homeless people in Berlin.
Dandy Diner, Karl-Marx-Straße 9, 12043 Neukölln


Considering how hard it is to find that bar in the barracks above Kaisers at Kotti (one entrance further to the right, up the dirty stairs), this bar is surprisingly chic, but still casual enough. Sip your Negroni while watching the buzz at Kotticabana, some might even call it romantic. They chose to donate to Sea Watch, organizing civilian refugee rescue operations in the Mediterranean.
Fahimi, Skalitzer Straße 133, 10999 Kreuzberg

Katz Orange

Katz Orange is more than just a slow-food restaurant and a bar, it’s the first project of Ludwig Cramer-Klett, inspired by a sighting of an orange cat somewhere in South America (as the story goes) and origin of his many endeavors into the food world. Drinking your Negroni here – some say it’s the best in Berlin – will help spread food knowledge – shares of the profit will go to Contemporary Food Lab, a project by Cramer-Klett organizing free of charge food workshops on natural wine, fermenting, butter and much more.
Katz Orange, Bergstraße 22, 10115 Mitte

Sponsored by Campari


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    If the author did not know Negroni before, he or she has got NO IDEA of drinks.

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