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Archive: August 2016

Coffee, Bonanza, Berlin's best coffee

Berlin’s Best: Coffee Guide 2016

The very first version of this guide on Berlin’s best coffee, published four years ago, featured nine places, the updated version from two years ago had fifteen. And this one? Twentynine! When everyone thought the Berlin coffee scene had reached its climax and was saturated, coffee enthusiasts actually took another leap and made the scene here bigger, better and especially more beautiful. And while it seems like the whole city is covered in speciality coffee places, a look on the map (choose coffee from the drop-down menu on the left) makes it very clear how much spaces are still left untouched by syphons, speciality roasts and the never-ending discussion whether one should or shouldn’t use sugar.
In this guide, I collected all coffee places I enjoy in Berlin, from the chic caffeine chapels to the homey neighborhood joints, from the ones who’ve been here before you even thought about moving to Berlin, to those who literally just opened. Just to make sure you’ll get a good coffee wherever you are.

Drinks in Berlin: California in the Uckermark

Sponsored by Skyy Vodka 

He cuts three, four tomatoes in quarters, quick and clean, and puts them carefully in a tumbler, crushing them to juice. This is all happening in his small bar in a quiet side street in busy, too often rather bumptious Roppongi in Tokyo, of course without leaving any red stain on the bright, white jacket of the bartender. After seven years in New York, he opened this understated, but sophisticated place in his home town. From the bar carved from Mizunara wood to the glasses hand-blown by a local artist, everything here is carrying its own story, and the most interesting ones are told by the ingredients. Guests enjoy a cocktail menu of five drinks, all specially created from seasonal and locally grown produce – and incredibly delicious. Admittedly, I was a bit afraid of the alcohol about to be consumed, but this isn’t what this is about. The booze is part of a bigger idea, that tells you loads about the country and its people.

Refugee Report: #21

The situation of refugees has lost some of its urgency since several weeks now, since less and less refugees arrive in Berlin. Not because there are none, but because Europe closed its borders. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in the last weeks and how you can help.

Berlin’s Best Burger: August 2016

You guys are the best, seriously. Despite a major downpour, you stayed with us on Saturday, ignoring the rain and storm and just kept on munching the OG creations at our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop. It was the best block party of the summer, thanks to you and our major burger artists! And how amazing was the live set of The Swag and all our open mic performers? It was one for the books, for sure. Not even talking about the voting for Berlin’s Best Burger! Which was incredible in itself, with over 650 votes coming in! And while, by now, it’s almost easy to predict which kind of burger wins Berliner’s hearts by storm, the result is still one to celebrate, majorly!

Dogs in Berlin: Fun & Play

Berlin is a dog-friendly city, and this is proven once more by the many possibilities to let your pup run free, play with its pals and get dirty. After the first part of my Dogs in Berlin guide was all about the rules of dog owning, this one’s all about the fun and play: a selection of the nicest dog parks in Berlin and my favorite forests and lakes. Get your play on!