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Author: Mary Scherpe

Real Men Wear Pink, Cuvrystraße, 2007-06-15

Wojtek, 26, student (fashion design) & Jamie, 26, (photo design, both at lette verein)

What colors! Wojtek got his clothes from a small 2nd handstore in Heidelberg, unfortunately he couldn’t remember the name (maybe Mahret can help?)… But what a nice sign of courage of both of them wearing this funky (yes, I have to use that expression, cause it’s totally appropriate) colors!

Joshua, 23, bartender at Barbie Deinhoffs

If you don’t wear pink, at least make sure you have a pink wall to pose in front of every time! By the way: it’s needless to say, but who’s wearing rubberboots on a day with 30 degrees deserves a picture. definitely.