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Author: Mary Scherpe

Manti in Berlin: Gözleme Restaurant

If you’re asking: what even are Manti? You’ll be proving my point that Turkish food is still not appreciated widely enough in Berlin. We (must) have a plethora of places serving the most delicious stuff, yet, I don’t find them celebrated enough (except that mishmash of a sandwich called Döner). Here to convince you are Manti, a turkish Ravioli or dumpling. Eat them at this Anatolian place in Neukölln, filled with meat or potato, served with yoghurt sauce and a paprika butter, and you will understand.

Ramen in Berlin: Takumi NINE

A new ramen place has come to Berlin! A city that is rather spoiled when it comes to this Japanese noodle soup thanks to Cocolo, who’s been serving delicious ramen since I don’t even know when (at least 2006). Will this new contester, who comes directly from the heart of Germany’s Japanese community, Düsseldorf, be able to win hearts, maybe even dethrone the favorite?

Johnnie Walker Blue Label: The Gentleman’s Wager II

Take a break from the icy winter outside and let yourself be transplanted into a summery Italy, where Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini and Zhao Wei star in the newest short film of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Directed by Jake Scott, Law and Ginannini once again agree on a wager over a precious car, a Delahaye 135 S. To get it, Jude Law doesn’t offer money, but goes on an adventurous journey where not his ambition, but kindness and generosity will lead to success. And maybe one or more bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label – because joy will take you further.

Sponsored by Johnnie Walker