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Author: Mary Scherpe

Art in Berlin: Hito Steyerl

At the very back-end of Arsenale gardens in Venice, I found an impressive video work during this years Biennale opening. Hito Steyerl’s How Not To Be Seen. A Fucking Didactic Educational .Mov File. Luckily for those of you who won’t make it to Venice on time, this work is now also presented at Berlinische Galerie during their 12×12 IBB Video lounge until September 23rd.
I won’t even try to describe what this video is about, for a quite confusing attempt you should read the information given on the website. Sometimes art impresses me and I am not instantly able to explain why, of course, the juggling of Google Earth with men in green suits and singers in a desert and then test screens and burkas and what not describes the confusing overload of stimuli but before we go down the road of Kunsttext-Bingo, let’s all just enjoy the show.

Crêpes in Berlin: Chez Bubar

I spent my summer vacation on the West coast of France this year, enjoying the golden sandy beaches, the ice-cold water and the delicious Crêpes that are served in the Bretagne. Coming back to Berlin, I was excited to find a new Breton Crêpes maker in Markthalle: Chez Bubar!

Treptower Park

Escape: Treptower Park

It’s not really an escape, since Treptower Park is basically in Berlin, but still, it’s my personal favorite Berlin park. And it has been for years. Treptower Park features an irresistable mix of wild sceneries with lakes and the connected beautiful and large forest called Plänterwald, with the weird yet compelling austerity of the Soviet war memorial from 1949 and the ruinous wonderland of the former Spreepark amusement park. It’s the best place to spend a warm late summer afternoon.

Anja Rubik chatting with Christiane Arp.

Event: Vogue Fashion Night Out 2013

Once again I was invited to be part of the entourage of the Vogue Germany team for last night’s Fashion Night Out to photograph the shopping extravaganza. Editor in chief Christiane Arp was accompanied by model Anja Rubik and her husband Sasha Knezevic on a tour between Quartier 206, Departmentstore, Schumacher, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and KaDeWe. Here are some of my favorite pictures, you can find even more on

Guide: How to Shop Berlin Designers / 2013

Shopping Berlin based designers in Berlin isn’t as easy as it should be – most of them make a living thanks to their sales in Asia, others just don’t make enough sales at all. This is why I made that guide – clothing needs to be bought to be worn. It’s over a year since I first published the first edition of “How to shop Berlin designers in Berlin” guide and naturally, quite a lot of things have changed. Some stores closed or changed their concept, others opened or have taken over new designers and so I updated the guide with all the new information that was available to me.
In case you’re missing something in this list, don’t hesitate and leave a comment below.
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