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stilinberlin adlon spa-1993

Escape: Adlon Spa

I wouldn’t say I am a Spa-person. Neither do I like sauna nor hanging around in thermal water (unless it’s architecturally framed by Zumthor). But I love massages and a little me-time with a scrub or a facial, which is something we all probably indulge ourselves in way too rarely. If you, however, come to the point where you would like to splurge a little by spoiling yourself, I suggest you consider Adlon Spa by Resense.

Hiking up the river course of Bílé Labe (white Elbe)

Escape: Krkonoše

Berlin’s winters have many problems, one of them being that Berlin is too far away from anything mountainous – but is that really true? Not if you’ve got a car and take the 400km drive down to Krkonoše, or the Riesengebirge as it is known in German, a mountain range on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic, home to the mountain giant Krakonoš, or Rübezahl. Sure, with its highest peak, Sněžka or Schneekoppe, reaching just a little over 1600m, it’s nowhere near Alpine in height, but it does offer an acceptable number of downhills, cross-country ski trails, and hiking routes. And it certainly doesn’t fail when it comes to romantic scenery.

Rough sea at Heiligendamm, Ostseebad

Escape: Baltic Sea

December might be an unusual time to plan a weekend-Ausflug, but certainly one of the best – the early days of winter are especially hard to bear and are easier to stand when in beautiful nature – we chose, once again, the Baltic Sea. Within merely 3 hours by car you’ll visit one of the most lovely landscapes Germany has to offer.

Treptower Park

Escape: Treptower Park

It’s not really an escape, since Treptower Park is basically in Berlin, but still, it’s my personal favorite Berlin park. And it has been for years. Treptower Park features an irresistable mix of wild sceneries with lakes and the connected beautiful and large forest called Plänterwald, with the weird yet compelling austerity of the Soviet war memorial from 1949 and the ruinous wonderland of the former Spreepark amusement park. It’s the best place to spend a warm late summer afternoon.