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Recap: Berlin Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week lies behind us and if you’d ask me (and some do) what to wear next season, I’d say yellow in all its shades. Yet, Berlin fashion is about so much more! The “week” though regularly suffers from disappointment when either the boss of the biggest trade show announces he has enough of Berlin and is moving South (to come back again for summer, because summer), or big newspapers dig out stories of failed fashion brands or take the move of one (albeit a great one) brand as symptomatic for a whole sector. Despite all this rumors, many initiatives thrive, like Premium and Seek, two beautiful trade shows working closely with Berlin newcomers…

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Leaving Berlin: Achtland

I love Berlin fashion, you know that. So you might be able to imagine how my little fashion-heart almost broke to pieces when Thomas and Oliver, the genius minds behind ACHTLAND, told me they’re leaving Berlin and are going back to London. Of course I instantly knew that the business they’re building can only benefit from that step, still, sad patriotic emotions swept over me. I couldn’t help but ask them: WHY!?

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Shop in Berlin: Temporary Showroom

Temporary Showroom is not your typical designer clothing store. In fact, there is much more going on behind the scenes than its modern, floor-to-ceiling glass shopfront would have you believe. Aside from selling fresh fashion by Y-3, MM6, United Nude, Opening Ceremony, or A.D. Deertz, the store also operates as a press and sales agency that showcases selected brands during Fashion Weeks around the world.

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Fashion in Berlin: Vladimir Karaleev Winter 2014

Fashion Week is long over, but the pieces of Vladimir Karaleev’s new collection still spin in my head and I get a little scared thinking of the length of my want-list… Yet again, he managed to give me goosebumps and made my heart beat faster while the models presented the clothing to the sound of an instrumental Lorde piece. I’m not sure how, but he managed to make the most rusty fabrics look elegant, to give loosely drapes and open seams a finesse. And then when he does sexy, so subtle yet so intriguing – like the final dress, a black velvet number with a front view as unobtrusive, as the surprisingly exciting open back.  I’m a fan, always have been, always will. Best thing by the way, you can buy Vladi’s clothes online in his webshop.