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Category: Food

Alissa Ugolini - Schwarze Traube Berlin Neukölln bar

Drink in Berlin: Schwarze Traube

I like secrets; but keeping them has never been a strong suit of mine. I like local hangs and hidden gems and I ooze with excitement whenever I discover something new. In my quest to explore my Kreuzberg neighbourhood, I stumbled upon an amazing bar: Schwarze Traube. Which turns out to be run by the best bartender of Germany, Atalay Aktas.

Looking for: Berlin’s Best Burger

After finding Berlin’s Best Bread past December, ideas were spinning in our heads how to continue Berlin’s Best. Naturally, we’re taking up a bigger than life challenge and will attempt to find Berlin’s Best Burger this year. And by saying “we”, I actually mean you. Instead of assembling a high-class foodie jury to judge on the softness of buns or crispness of patties, I hand over the decision to a public vote. Which means you can be a judge in this.

Vegan lunch at pele mele, neukölln Berlin

Vegan in Berlin: Pêle Mêle

Being vegan in Berlin might be easier than in any other German city, yet I don’t necessarily find eating out very appealing most of the times. While there are plenty of options for vegan fast food (burgers, döners, pizzas…) and at least some for fine vegan dining, Berlin’s missing out on options for when you’re neither craving trashy nor dainty, but want a healthy lunch or a modest dinner. And then there’s the problem with the locations, Mitte is so short on vegan spots it’s almost ridiculous considering its bobo population. Naturally, the café I am recommending you now is far off Torstraße down at the southern tracks of Ringbahn, a short walk from Rathaus Neukölln station.