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Category: Food

Food in Berlin: Goodies*

One of my favorite spots for a super healthy lunch is Goodies*, a vegetarian and vegan deli with by now four locations in Berlin. Its home base lies on Friedrichshain’s Warschauer Straße, while its outlets are housed in the stores of Veganz in Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain, as well as in the gigantic Globetrotter store in Steglitz.

Food in Berlin: Feliu (Closed)

When ‘explaining’ Berlin to newcomers, I often tell a story from when I worked for a Berlin city guide and called a new restaurant about their opening hours only to be met with gruff suspicion: Why did I want to know? And what would I do with this information? And although the commercial climate here has changed a little since that conversation almost six years ago, some of our favorite locations would still prefer to fly under the digital radar, relying exclusively on passersby and Kiez word-of-mouth, all not to alienate Berlin’s notoriously anti-branding customers. Then there are other places, places really making an effort to make a bigger blip online. Feliu, for instance, insisted we come down to Pflügerstrasse, graciously offering us an evening of Catalan cuisine and tart white wine.

Chocolate in Berlin: Bonvodou – closed –

Chocolate oh chocolate, many odes have been sung about the sweet seduction and this is another one about a certain kind of chocolate, produced by a chocolate expert in Berlin. Holger in’t Veld will be known to many who’ve been looking for high quality chocolate in Berlin in the past years. After closing his highly popular chocolate store in 2010, he’s now returned with a brand new chocolate called Bonvodou, that’s just too good to be true.

Ice-cream in Berlin: Schuchmanns

Berlin’s vegan food scene is expanding, for sure, but if you ask me, it’s not even close to being satisfying. I still didn’t find a close-by joint for green smoothies in Mitte, the fine-vegan-dining scene is almost non-existent (with Lucky Leek and La Mano Verde being the only ones on my to-test-list). And most delis are serving fast food like vegan burritos or vegan burgers. Not exactly what I’m looking for. But, one more spot of vegan delicacies is filled now.