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Category: Food

Food in Berlin: Aroma

It was the only sunny table in the almost empty restaurant, the winter sun tentatively highlighting a ‘Reserviert’ sign, yet a quick question-mark smile and I had taken a seat, basking in the light and leafing through Aroma‘s extensive menu.

Drink in Berlin: Voima

I like my bars empty, I do. Matter of fact, I prefer them that way. Not that I don’t like having other people there, just that I appreciate that certain surplus of personal space that comes with, say, a library before closing time, or a second-hand record store on a Tuesday morning.

Food in Berlin: Glut & Späne

Shrugging off my coat and sitting down at a wooden table with a tray full of deliciously different fishiness, I took a sip of the crisp Riesling Michael Wickert had offered me. As I tried a bite of hot-smoked salmon with a chaser of onion confit, any hint of my mild hangover suddenly disapparated.