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SiB.edit: Armando & Joor Part II

Sorry for updating so infrequent the last days, but, you know, it’s summer and the temperatures and sun are high, the beer is cheap.. so we tend to do more savoir vivre than working… but for a little cool-down we’re showing you the last pics of SiB.edit #1, featuring the stylists from the Netherlands. (click here to see part I)

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Lilly, 5 1/2

We were walking down the street when we noticed this blondie watching how daddy fixed the car. Normaly kids are not dressed this unique, but they crave for Pokémon- or football shirts. It seems like she’s already headstrong when it comes to choose her outfit. But what’s up with the dad? Didn’t Vivienne Westwood say that you can NOT be overdressed.
Fresh complexions, skirt with squares combined with polka dots and coloured boots. The poncho and hairband finish it off nicely.
Sebastian & Judith & Kristin, 24, students

Check out how the outfit of the right girl fits with the graffiti above her. The detail that attracted our eyes was the geometrical haircut of Kristin.
Black tone with jeans is always on the safe side. Chequered jacket is well combined with that pink and the shawl and gloves make the outfit complete. The red belt also gives a nice accent.

Tei, 31, artist

She had something of a cowgirl-aura surrounding her in that outfit. She said that her friends didn’t really dig it, but we did. ;P
What you see here is the use of different layers, wich makes the outfit quite interesting. Blue and brown is a classic combo. And “diamonds are a girl’s best friends”.
Yuko, dancer

She was not dreaming (Träume=dreams) at all with her bubbly bag. Actually she was preparing for a dance performance.
This outfit reflects a style of one’s own. The colourful ensemble stays in balance because of the black used in the upper part and pants. The glasses and the huge bag are so fine.
Martin, 37, actor

Sexy grey, ain’t it? And this silver is nature’s gift to him. Fine combo and that small red belt is some nice eye-catcher (why is the shirt tucked in, by the way?).

Aldo, 37, artist & Wiebke, 25, designer

Aldo: nice laid-back attitude. Varicoloured shoes look cute, but unfortunately it’s not so visible on the picute. Shawl and cap make this a full-blown outfit.
Wiebke: conspicuous appearance. Tight jeans and marvellous shoes. She works with different styles, but they all match, wich makes her look so absorbing. The Alice band and this flower fit her hair and her shoes. Nicely done.

Natalie, 29, translator & stewardess

Très chic, très èlègant. Very well-balanced combo. Black makes it very classy, but the light blue makes it more light and very pleasant to look at.

That’s so green, around Schlesische Straße

Julietta, 26, working at AM3 (Münzstraße 21) and her friend Maria, 27, journalist from Madrid
We in particular liked the haircut of Julietta in combination with that swinging dress and the greek shoes. We’ll definitely go visit her at Münzstraße, since we now know someone working at that supermegafantastic(etc.) store ;-)
Wondering if Maria draw that bunny on the shirt herself…

Aymara, 38, teacher of languages & Diego, almost 2, feasting on ice cream (bought at the parlor we recommended in the last post!)

Rebecca, 19, student from University of San Francisco, USA

We had fun figuring out nationality this time because only non-germans were around. We have to admit that we had such a hard time figuring out hers.
The reasons for that will stay unknown!

Oppelner Straße, Berlin Kreuzberg

Back and Flowers

Marida, 22, sounddesigner from Italy (living in Berlin)

She and her bike were rushing by and it was one of these good-style-but-on-bike-hence-no-photo moments. This we experienced two to three times already everytime we’re shooting. And you know what: each time it gets more depressing. But then Marida stopped almost right infront of us!
We had a little trouble approaching her since our hands and mouths were full icecream from Aldemir. Believe us, that’s not the kind of parlor where you take only one scoop (they sell such mouth-watering flavors like cookies, mecroche, chocolate&chilli and granny’s apple pie and also great pizza). In the end we did get to talk to her and it was worth the effort of taking a break from the ice cream, because that’s the way a sexy back pose is made.
Marida is currently living in that Álvaro Siza building in Falckensteinstraße, where she also designs her own clothes (e.g. that shirt) and pays a horrible rent.

Pierre, 30, writer from Paris

He was the first person we approached on that sunny day and also the first in a row of non-german NeuBerliner (new to Berlin). Since Paris was way too boring he came to Berlin to write a novel, kind of autobiographic. His bag is Comme des Garçons for Fred Perry.

This is Bettina, lovely fashion-editor for Berlin city magazine Zitty. She was accompanying us this day and asking profound and thrilling questions to make a report on us for the next issue.

Carneval Fashion

We went on the Carneval of Cultures and had a great time watching the people and the procession. While standing at the line we spotted this girl. First we didn’t notice her in the crowd, but her stunning look made us look back twice. She was walking fast, almost running, so we had a hard time getting to her. But we were able to reach her and here she is:

This guy was dancing on the street having a ball. Later he also saw our girl and was even happier embracing her. :D