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Berlin’s Best Burger: June 2016

That was hot shit, last Saturday, right? And I’m not even speaking about that spicy kimchi or wasabi mayonaise, but the weather! The sun burned down on us and the grills, making that patties even crispier. We’ve chosen a theme to remember: the most popular burger variety at our beloved Burgers & Hip Hop since we started: everything Asian! We invited Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian and Filipino food joints to serve us their creations and you came, ate and voted till very late – when temperatures got a ‘lil more burger friendly. The heated up voting came to a close at night, with one clear winner…read on!


Drink in Berlin: Negroni Week

Sponsored by Campari

Negroni is somewhat of a forgotten drink, at least in my universe, however, once I re-discovered it, I fell in love! But maybe only I took that break, and you guys are sipping the deep red classic every night after work? Then you’ll be especially thrilled to hear about Negroni Week starting tomorrow: seven days used to promote this special drink by connecting it to a good cause – every bar joining the Negroni Week donates parts of their profits to a charity of their choice.
I’m using the occasion to present you my favorite spots in Berlin to enjoy a Negroni or three, follow me!

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Coffee in Kreuzberg: Bonanza Coffee

You know the tiny coffee shop at Oderberger Straße, that was one of the shops starting third-wave-coffee in Berlin, right? Even if you don’t, you probably know the name Bonanza Coffee, because it stands for finest roasts that are used world-wide and in many cafés and restaurants throughout the city, like Borchardt and Cecconi? And maybe you’ve ordered some yourself through their online shop? Because sometimes, that little shop is just a bit too crammed. And also quite far off, if you don’t live in the northern districts. Here’s a solution: their gorgeous new café in a backyard off Adalbertstraße in Kreuzberg.

Demonstration in Hamburg on May 28th. Photo by Rasande Tyskar on Flickr

FuGeeLa: Refugees in Berlin #19

The news about the situation of refugees in Berlin are still coming in, but they’ve slowed down. The situation has been calming down for several months now, since less and less refugees arrive in Berlin. Not because there are none, but because Europe closed its borders. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in the last weeks and how you can help.

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Still delicious: Thai Park

Plenty of words have been written about Thai Park (also on this blog). That otherwise unremarkable park south west of Berlin’s center turns into a busy Thai market every weekend with a plethora of Thai families cooking and selling specialities on the spot. It’s been around for more than a decade, growing in size and popularity every summer, reaching an extent that some might already call problematic, with hundreds of eaters crowding the lawn, and many more vendors joining the pathways. However, it’s still delicious and one of the prime spots in Berlin to enjoy Thai food, when done right.