Blue, 2007-02-09

Charlotte, 19, student
“I am wearing a navy-blue wintercoat with a white leatherbelt, black pants, a navyblue beany, a red scarve and a golden handbag. Fashion means a lot to me: I love choosing clothes from my (and especially other peoples) cupboards and combining them in a new way! I just spent 3 months in south africa and bought lots of stuff there… My style depends on my mood.”

Janne, 19, fashion intern
“I am wearing a turquois parka, the “sleepwalker” by Sigur Ros is printed on the back, glasses and a bag are from the flea market and a selfmade yellow dress. The most things I wear are selfmade or presents. If I have to buy stuff it’s mostly H&M, cause it’s so cheap. But I often alter them. I also like American Apparel and flea markets. I’m inspired by music, colors, art and the nordic landscapes. My style is very colorful, I mix up scandinavian and british fashion. Fashion is very important for me, especially color combination – I’m thinking a lot about my style before I leave the house in the morning.”


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  1. stilinberlin on


    Dear commentators,”Why oh why, do we never hear anything from the people from StilinBerlin?”We just found out that we had to accept every single comment, before it is posted as such. We already wondered why we didn’t receive any comments at all. Well, now it’s all cool and from now on we will also comment the comments.Thanks for all the very positiv reactions!Benjamin from StilinBerlin

  2. Anonymous on


    i love the second coat!

  3. eurobrat on


    Love the first femme’s gloves…

  4. Secret Chicken on


    I’m always out and about around this area and I never see you guys! I hope to find some clothing or accessory someday that will make me stillinberlin-worthy ;)

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