brrrrrrr-mode, 2007-02-11

Jared, 18, student
I’m wearing a vintage trench that was passed on to me by my grandfather (at least 4 decades old). The raw jeans are by hells bells. I bought the boots (perfect for tight pants in the winter – fur inside) in moscow ( by Nazereno Giani).
In general I like small shops. Although I think that the swedish massproduction (for example) is a great thing, I would hate seeing every 5th person on the street wearing the same thing as I wear. I love second hand and all stores that sell special and limited edition sneakers. Not too long ago I discovered this store, that offers the most wonderful pants, on the Kastanienallee: Extrafein
The styles in old movies fascinate me. I also tend to take the advice of the Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane for the youth: to copy the style of his fashion in one’s own way instead of buying it (I couldn’t afford it anyway).
I am very versatile and open in my style. I adore retro and chic as much as I adore practical and functional clothing. Although i would never categorize myself … it comes down to indie.
I realize, subconciously, fashion is very important to me. I don’t think too much about my daily outfit, but i could never leave home without being satisfied with what I wear.

anonym super-beautiful gloves from flew market

Natsuko, 26, student (graphic-design) + Mark, 32, student (marketing)

Simon, 21, intern

Claire, 35, from london, where she is doing something “financial”

currently most seen headwear


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  1. jasmine on


    great blog – very nice photos. thanks for the link to Pike/Pine!

  2. esquise on


    Great blog. I’ll come more often. And I loooove Berlim;)

  3. Levin on


    Hat Natsuko echt Socken über den Schuhen an???=)

  4. Anonymous on


    i love the gloves and Natsukos outfit!



    … in münchen geht´s halt immer etwas gemütlicher zu. aber besser spät als nie ;) danke für den link.ich find euren blog super. und jared´s stil auf bild nummer 1, grossartig! grüsse aus dem süden

  6. StilinBerlin on


    @ levin:Ich glaube die Socken gehören tatsächlich zu den Schuhen. Also nicht Socken über den Schuhen, sondern Socken auf den Schuhen. So sah es auf jeden Fall aus.

  7. Tommy on


    coole webseite mit einem coolen thema. werde die nächsten Tage mal was über stilinberlin (meiner alten Heimatstadt) in meinem Blog hier und bei bringen.

  8. rettchen on


    Hhm. Jared hat schon wirklich stil. Mit zarten 18, ganz wunderbar! Die schuhe mit den Socken finde ich auch sehr sehr interessant. Mensch, Schnee im Norden, hoffentlich ist es nächste Woche so “warm” wie hier, wenn ich oben bin. Liebe Grüße von dem Fan aus dem Süd-Westen.

  9. stilinberlin on


    danke TOMMY! wir brauchen mehr feedback aus dem deutschsprachigen raum..!

  10. Candid Cool on


    very cool photos, but i like the 1st one best of all. i enjoyed reading his interview, I especially liked what he said about hedi slimane.

  11. Tommy on


    ich auch ;-)

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