going west, 2007-02-17

Stefanie, 28, set designer + Melissa, 25, Ph.D. student (psychology)

Franziska, 22, student (fashion design)
I’m wearing a red coat by Sinéquanone from this season, kneelength trousers by MEXX from summer 2006 and a bag by Kaviar Gauche, also from this season. I like to be inspired while shopping, I pay a lot attention to form and color. Little boutiques with special pieces are the best places to shop, but I also like Zara, Mango and so on.

Elmira, fashion designer

Anja, 31, opera singer


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  1. Steven Augustine on


    Great site! I recognize some of these people. The cafe Morena (Weiner Str) on the weekend would be a good place to shoot, too…hey, and what about the Floh Markt on Strasse Des 17. Juni? Finally, there are an awful lot of extremely stylish Turkish guys and girls (even in chador) on Kottbusserdam or thereabouts…

  2. Secret Chicken on


    I LOVE the green coat in the first pic. I wish I knew where to get one like that!

  3. Loopie on


    i think the blue coat in the last pic is really nice.looks comfy and warm! i love your blog!

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