Temples: Mosque, Mall and Church, 2007-02-25

Till, 28, musician
Q: What’s up with the lady boots on a men’s bike?
A: My bike handles a complex definition of gender in order to question the established binary one. The boots however are because of the cold.
The clothes I wear come from different sources, like unknown designers soon-to-be-copied-by-H&M or cosmopolitan second hand shops. I like to combine things…to create something individual, you know.

Nina, doctor + Gerome, 27, american football player


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  1. Anonymous on


    crazy…there’s a V-22 in the background of the first picture. An airshow on the same day?

  2. StilinBerlin on


    You recognize the heli? Wow.
    No, there was no airshow.

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