Picknick, 2007-03-10


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  1. Anonymous on


    wow, amazing pix! the first couple is so stylish! great job!

  2. Rowena on


    Das erste Pärchen finde ich auch am süßesten (:
    Ihr Schal und seine Hose!

  3. Coco on


    Hi! Coco here from Fashion Filosofy,

    I love these images. They’re so fresh. I especially love this first couple. I love the way she mixes classic chanel with the pop art 80s style dress. Very post-modern cool!


  4. The Style lover on


    Love this group of pics! I really need a pair of those gray tights.

  5. Anonymous on


    Hi. Where is this place (foto 6 & 11)?

  6. Klaus on


    I’m in love.

  7. Anonymous on


    how poor.
    you`re cencoring?!

  8. StilinBerlin on


    No we’re not censoring. What picture are you reffering to?

  9. Anonymous on


    tell me,
    why do you still support loser-outfits?!
    ugly clothes & haircuts are lovely?
    your inside of it, wearing a frontlet & bigsized glasses?

    tell me,
    where is “style in berlin” on image number 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 11.

    i might be tolerant, but that ain´t worth to post on a page among to style.

    Just running through one, two streets in mitte doesn´t make you showing style in berlin.

  10. StilinBerlin on


    This is a reply to the upper anonymous comment:

    “Why do you still support loser-outfits?”
    This party was held for a certain kind of people. And we photographed or “documented”, if you will, those people. To judge if they are stylish in the sense of fashionable is not our job or purpose. We just want to show people what Berlin has to offer and of course that is highly subjective, like most blogs are. And like you’re comment is.
    I do agree that we should visit more different places in Berlin, but since this is a hobby we are not able to spend as much time as we would like to for StilinBerlin. But we are working on it.
    Where would you like us to go by the way?

  11. Anonymous on


    i know it’s subjective. i just want to understand.

    why not visiting original-berlin-places…not places where only foreigners or immigrants are living :)
    that would be more interesting to me.
    not just that little girl, that is excited about living in a great city, wearing colored dresses, pink laces, nice braces and a bra over her top…and think it’s fucking stylish.
    you know? that boys and girls ever lived in berlin. turkey-style is also a part of here. i don´t say “THAT’S THE STYLE!’ but that’s a part of bln too, no one shows…

    you know that boys, popping their joggingpants real tight into their socks, there’s no cooler way wearing a backpack in a bus than they do.
    many style-articles are too one-sided.
    few really step into “trouble areas” natives live and take shots their.

  12. Anonymous on


    last their=there.

    still tired

  13. stilinberlin on


    du scheinst aus berlin zu sein und dich sehr für diese sache zu interessieren

    meld dich unter stilinberlin@yahoo.de und wir machen dich mal zum editor, d.h. du suchst aus, wir fotografieren.

  14. blitz on


    Yes we lack the Mohabit or Neuköln turkish style…
    (But be carefull in Wittenau or Lichtenberg…)

    What about the over original punks of Kreuzberg ?

    anfd the fake White Trash of…the White Trash in Shönhauser Allee
    (Really kinding with this one)

    Carry on it’s fun too watch

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