sun in my morning, 2007-03-24

Tutia Schaad, 24, fashion designer, Tutia on iqons
Yella, 40, photographer & Kian, 30, architect

Jon, 27, owner of Wood Wood store Berlin

Stefan, 29, pr-agent & Alexander, 40, advertising

spring – finally!

although we loved little girls in polkadot raincoats


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  1. Candid Cool on


    1)love that vibrant blue color.4)some well put together gents5)marvelous!

  2. LULÚ on


    what a lovely look has the first woman! the big sweater in vibrant blue is amazing.i’m from buenos aires, argentina, and i started a street fashion blog. if your want, please check it.

  3. max mey on


    selten gutes blog macht ihr da. jefällt ma, jeht ab.cheers!-m

  4. Talia on


    love that sweater!

  5. eurobrat on


    fantastic :)

  6. esquise on


    Yes, finally Spring is coming! I lime those Tutia shoes.

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