City of (long-distance) Love!

Katarina, 20, student (from Sweden, visits her boyfriend in Berlin)

Charles, 28, hair stylist (from New York, visits his boyfriend in Berlin)
Check out this guy. Charles’ shoe laces and the little red label hidden in those laces match with the stones on his belt buckle. Wow, what a freak for details, what a turn on.

Greetings to all long distance lovers out there!

Btw: tomorrow we’ll try something new – we’ll meet up with some hot stylists from the netherlands and feature them in our first “edition in berlin”. They’ll choose our models and comment their choice.
Afterwards we’ll be at our exhibition at Postfuhramt – so stop by!


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    heja heja sverige!! can´t wait to get there again.

  2. edwin on


    bastante interesante pero me gustaria principalmente conocer a katja ojo dejo mi correo
    soy de bolivia

  3. edwin on


    I again feel it but …….encantaria to know me katja if sommebody to help me please ……I am of
    bolivia santa cruz


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