On a sunny April Fools’, 2007-04-01

Louisa, 22, artist, from Denmark

Zuzana, 25, fashion designer

Tobi, 27, owner of Yack Fou & Mascha, 28, printer

Leonie, 37, actress

I’m wearing a suit by Pianoforte di Max Mara, I bought it one month ago in Kleidermarkt at Bergmannstr in Kreuzberg, I own the black tricot for about 15 years now, the jewellery is all fake. My shoes are 2nd Hand from Berlin or Cologne – I don’t remember, my stockings are either H&M or KaDeWe. I like to shop mostly vintage, but also in H&M, Zara, Mango, Benetton or KaDeWe (but only stockings or underwear, or shoes if I’ve got the money). I’m inspired by high fashion magazines, movies from the twenties to the sixties, or by women like Debbie Harry, Kim Wilde and so on – actually by movies, photographs, postcards, art, women on the streets, theatre… My style emphasizes my personality: nostalgic, feminin, playful – I’m here on the flewmarket with my boyfriend, so I wanted to look womanly and a little sexy.
Fashion and what I am wearing means a lot to me. I know, that I’m involved in a cityscape and, if you want, a worldscape. I want to meet my claim of aesthetics, if I am dressed lousy, i feel weak and minor. Which is ok sometimes – but fashion shows who I am, a personal style means to have an opinion, to make a statement and to know who I am. It’s a awareness of life.

Chrissie, 21, dentist’s assistant & Gunjah, 22, singer

Jule, 25, nurse & Rebecca, 20, student


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