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SiB.edit: Armando & Joor Part I

As long time readers (which you all are of course),you may recall the 1st of may on which we announced a brand new feature to be appeared on StilinBerlin.

This newest feature is called “SiB.edit”. It goes something like this: we invite some special guests (naturally fashion-experts) to come along with us and to point out the people whose outfits they like. After that they give us their point of view over the way those Berliners dress.
This time is the turn for the two lovely Dutch guys Armando&Joor, we met first on iqons.
We hope you may like this fresh shiny brand new freature from us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of it. ;-)
Enjoy reading!

Joor, modelscout/stylist & Armando, photographer

Laurenz, 7 & Erik, 36

We spotted this “Berliner” from far far away – he was playing football with his adorable son and had this super-relaxed attitude, and style. We need more foxy fathers like this. He wears a pair of big sunglasses, which are especially hot because of that neon-lace kinda thing. His son wears long hair; so fashionable for young kids.
Sascha Ring, 28, musician – apparat

Big sunglasses, pretty tight jeans and a kind of “just fresh out of bed” look, wich is finished off by his designer stubble. We met him on his way to work (on a national holiday, to underline that) – he was having breakfast (sandwich & coke) while walking. It just works out.

Clementine, 27, student (architecture) & Paul, 27, actor

An outgoing couple. The bus behind them belongs is theirs by the way. Clementine mixes the girlish with sporty, but keeps a cool femininity and how enthralling to wear chucks with a flower printed lace-skirt! The boy is “pretty in pink”. Not a lot of men can carry this color and look superb; but amazingly he can. The streets are yours.

Julian, 23, student (fashion design)

We love his style, very hip, but individual. The pretty top with all kinds of fishes and a jacket which has been transformed into a scarf. Just a little crazy personal touch. His haircolor and style goes so well together with the green of this old sunglasses.
Seth, 31, translator & Aya, 32, webdesigner

What a wonderful couple. Especially the boy: a complete blue image. We like his Continental haircut and the schoolboy-look. The girl uses such nice red details in her outfit; i.e. her glasses, earrings and belt. Go girl.

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Winter reloaded: Berlin in March

Sara from London, 25

I’m Vladimir, 26 years, from Berlin. I study fashion and graphic design. I’m wearing cheap spanish shoes from a supermarket, trousers from BLB, available at Apartment, Berlin. A 2nd Hand shirt from Bulgaria and an old watch by Casio.
What fashion means to me, that’s…I don’t know. It’s important to me.

My name is Malena, I’m from Sweden and 26 years old. I study costume design at Universität der Künste Berlin. Today I’m carrying around a lot costumes. Boots are from H&M, so are the trousers, 2nd Hand tunica from the 70ies, the jacket is 2nd Hand. I think clothes tell a lot about a person. I’m wearing this today because I think it’s a little spring-like and today is spring. Again. In Berlin.

Finally some pics and (of course) a VIDEO!

Two months ago we “directed” a video for Current TV which is now finally online. We wanted to show you the pics of the people chosen for the video here, so you can see their outfits in detail. Hope you enjoy this little flashback to winterly Berlin!
And: yes, lately we’ve been a little lazy in doing pics, but we had a kind of a “hang over” from our exhibition and had to take a little break to relax and reconsider our work. But: good news everyone – our next shootings are already planned, if the weather is good enough we’ll show you some styles of “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carneval of Cultures) taking place on sunday. We still have some pics waiting to be published, so there will be new posts in the upcoming days!
OK, enough blabla – here is the Current TV video – hope you enjoy it!

See you on the streets!

Mary & Benjamin

Jule, prospective fashion-design student

Nora, stylist & DJ

Rafael, student

Anna, art-historian

Joana, teacher

Josefine, student

PS. For everyone who didn’t know Current TV up to now: It’s an independet online & satellite & cable (the latter two only in the US) TV station – so if you push the button “YES” on this page often enough, our video will be shown in the US TV!

StilimPark: a Garden Party

The occasion of the get-together of the following people was a birthday celebration in a huge park.

Jessica allowed us to published the picture of her which is on our exibition’s flyer. And we also used this picture for press purposes. Therefor she was seen all over Berlin. So we say: Thanks Jessi.
She also gave an Ok for taking another picture of her impeccable style.

Hanns-Christoph, minister and Peter, dentist (in black)
Ladies in dresses and of course gents in (linen) suits. A classic for a day out in the wild.

Till, musician
What I am terribly sorry for is that you can not see Till’s shoes. Forgot to take a detail shot. He had those fine two-tones (brown/white). Maybe you are able to see some of it shining through the blades of grass. The bag is from Jessi, as you might have noticed earlier. And the bucket is for the birthday flowers. Cute, huh?

Where the FAK!?

Something that is of great interest for us – We really love the streetstyle pictures of FAK! from (presumably) Kiev. But for some weeks (it feels like months!) the linkt to FAK! isn’t working anymore…! Would be so nice if someone of you knows what’s going on and could tell us if they just moved or stopped working or…!

thank you

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