Finally some pics and (of course) a VIDEO!

Two months ago we “directed” a video for Current TV which is now finally online. We wanted to show you the pics of the people chosen for the video here, so you can see their outfits in detail. Hope you enjoy this little flashback to winterly Berlin!
And: yes, lately we’ve been a little lazy in doing pics, but we had a kind of a “hang over” from our exhibition and had to take a little break to relax and reconsider our work. But: good news everyone – our next shootings are already planned, if the weather is good enough we’ll show you some styles of “Karneval der Kulturen” (Carneval of Cultures) taking place on sunday. We still have some pics waiting to be published, so there will be new posts in the upcoming days!
OK, enough blabla – here is the Current TV video – hope you enjoy it!

See you on the streets!

Mary & Benjamin

Jule, prospective fashion-design student

Nora, stylist & DJ

Rafael, student

Anna, art-historian

Joana, teacher

Josefine, student

PS. For everyone who didn’t know Current TV up to now: It’s an independet online & satellite & cable (the latter two only in the US) TV station – so if you push the button “YES” on this page often enough, our video will be shown in the US TV!


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  1. Anonymous on


    yeah, new pics with great style!

  2. eurobrat on


    great video!

  3. Candid Cool on


    I am surprised by the major global brands.

    Also I like the black and blue combination of the last girl in the pictures.

    Great video!

  4. stilinberlin on


    candid, we were too! especially by the domination of american apparel & zara coats!

  5. Genosse Philipp on


    Schönes Video. Und schöne Bilder sowieso.
    Und die dazugekommenen Detailfotos sind auch gut ;)

  6. Anonymous on


    It’s summer now, but you show fashon from march! :(

  7. StilinBerlin on


    At anonymous previous post:
    We had to wait for the video to be finished. And since it was finished last week we didn’t want to wait til it get’s cold again. :)

  8. ReportMedia on


    Sonntag landen wir in Berlin!

  9. ali Vater vom Süüüßesten Baby on


    Ola, no Habla Espanol, deswegen Habla Aleman

    Ola heißt Hallo,

    Wollte Fragen ob ihr denkt das die abgebildeten fotos Euerer Meinung nach.

    Soll ich Scrollen?!

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