SiB.edit: Armando & Joor Part I

As long time readers (which you all are of course),you may recall the 1st of may on which we announced a brand new feature to be appeared on StilinBerlin.

This newest feature is called “SiB.edit”. It goes something like this: we invite some special guests (naturally fashion-experts) to come along with us and to point out the people whose outfits they like. After that they give us their point of view over the way those Berliners dress.
This time is the turn for the two lovely Dutch guys Armando&Joor, we met first on iqons.
We hope you may like this fresh shiny brand new freature from us, so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of it. ;-)
Enjoy reading!

Joor, modelscout/stylist & Armando, photographer

Laurenz, 7 & Erik, 36

We spotted this “Berliner” from far far away – he was playing football with his adorable son and had this super-relaxed attitude, and style. We need more foxy fathers like this. He wears a pair of big sunglasses, which are especially hot because of that neon-lace kinda thing. His son wears long hair; so fashionable for young kids.
Sascha Ring, 28, musician – apparat

Big sunglasses, pretty tight jeans and a kind of “just fresh out of bed” look, wich is finished off by his designer stubble. We met him on his way to work (on a national holiday, to underline that) – he was having breakfast (sandwich & coke) while walking. It just works out.

Clementine, 27, student (architecture) & Paul, 27, actor

An outgoing couple. The bus behind them belongs is theirs by the way. Clementine mixes the girlish with sporty, but keeps a cool femininity and how enthralling to wear chucks with a flower printed lace-skirt! The boy is “pretty in pink”. Not a lot of men can carry this color and look superb; but amazingly he can. The streets are yours.

Julian, 23, student (fashion design)

We love his style, very hip, but individual. The pretty top with all kinds of fishes and a jacket which has been transformed into a scarf. Just a little crazy personal touch. His haircolor and style goes so well together with the green of this old sunglasses.
Seth, 31, translator & Aya, 32, webdesigner

What a wonderful couple. Especially the boy: a complete blue image. We like his Continental haircut and the schoolboy-look. The girl uses such nice red details in her outfit; i.e. her glasses, earrings and belt. Go girl.


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  1. f&art on


    das ist echt eine tolle idee!!! ihr macht so viel. ich bin echt beeindruckt. hoffe bald mal wieder in berlin zu sein. spätestens zur fashion week…

  2. j. vorwaller on


    what i love about you guys is that you list the “title” alongside the pics…it’s always interesting to see how the student/artist/musician, etc styles themselves accordingly.

  3. Genosse Philipp on


    Erik (36) – ein Mustervater ;)
    Und die Idee mit den Experten ist echt gut :)
    Weiter so!

  4. Candid Cool on


    The father and son! Wow…he gives Beckhams a run for his money. That dad is sizzling!

    The musician just looks so cool.

    And the student, he makes a shirt full of fish look cool. I really like the colors, and the interesting look the jacket? around his neck creates. The closeup of his face reminds me of Warhol.

    But really everyone looks amazing!

  5. Anonymous on


    i love the julian style!

  6. eurobrat on


    Oh, Eric… :)

    Love this post.

  7. lluviaschick on


    hallo! shones post!

    love the father and the son pic

  8. StilinBerlin on


    @fashion lab – rio:
    You’re on the list now. Nice site, go on and show the world rio style.


  9. BrgnStil on


    Julian looks great and we love the sweater with the fishes on. And his glasses. Read about the “knit your sweater as a scarf” – thingie in Cover this month. Weird, but great.
    From BrgnStil. (the streetstyle of Bergen)

  10. Tillmann on


    Cool, everybody loves the new feature. I too think that it is going to be really interesting. Looking out to hearing more voices from around the world!

    x T.

  11. Anonymous on


    mir gefällt’s! (: aber die ersten 3 bilder solltet ihr dringend noch etwas aufhellen, man erkennt kaum was.

  12. mezil on


    erik i think i’m in love with yyou!! :)

  13. PLAY on


    Jöö, Julian – Facehunter, Playlust, Stil in Berlin – jetzt bisch ä richtigi Blogebrity!

  14. Loumie & Lola on


    Hello ! We have to say “Bravo”, because we’ve just start our street snap site (about Paris) and it’s not so easy … Your is really good !

  15. Anonymous on


    wow leute ich liebe die idee, ich finde wahnsinnig, wie ihr wirklich andere styles fotografiert habt. ihr habt ein auge für style, aber mehr augen sehen auch mehr style! weiter so

  16. Anonymous on


    Seth, if you’re a translator you should join the translator-community. If you already haven’t

  17. lorien on


    Sascha Ring is just the hottest guy I have ever seen! Love his music too. There are many many other pictures of him looking good too on his myspace page.

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