StilimPark: a Garden Party

The occasion of the get-together of the following people was a birthday celebration in a huge park.

Jessica allowed us to published the picture of her which is on our exibition’s flyer. And we also used this picture for press purposes. Therefor she was seen all over Berlin. So we say: Thanks Jessi.
She also gave an Ok for taking another picture of her impeccable style.

Hanns-Christoph, minister and Peter, dentist (in black)
Ladies in dresses and of course gents in (linen) suits. A classic for a day out in the wild.

Till, musician
What I am terribly sorry for is that you can not see Till’s shoes. Forgot to take a detail shot. He had those fine two-tones (brown/white). Maybe you are able to see some of it shining through the blades of grass. The bag is from Jessi, as you might have noticed earlier. And the bucket is for the birthday flowers. Cute, huh?


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  1. Anna on


    jessica is so beautiful! what a style! thanks for a great site, btw.

  2. Jennine on


    lovely! really… i love the woven shoes. and jessica with a flower in her hair.

  3. Candid Cool on


    the 2 gentlemen sitting, a phenomenal shot.

  4. Outsider on


    Well well, Till surely is photogenic. Maybe that’s a family trait…Nice to hear the exhibition went so well. Congratulations.And see you soon, latest in June.(Wow, a rhyme)

  5. j vorwaller on


    oh well now i just have to take some wonderful inspiration from jessica’s basket bag, that is just darling. :)ps, great new quote on your side bar from o’brian. so true.

  6. Artorios on


    Love the pic of the lady with a flower in her hair.

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