We’ll meet again…

Met her again on her way home from Club der Visionäre. Since this is the third picture of her on our blog, we’ll have a little raffle: just link the pics from the previous encounters in a comment. The glorious winner gets a bar of chocolate made in Berlin. Hurray!
*first come, first served*


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  1. curlycustard on


    Right…I’m going to give this a go, I’m not sure if it’s right as it would have meant that she’s had a hair cut!
    1st appearance – Friday 5th May 2006 in a black & white outfit
    2nd appearance – Jam in the Park 2007.03.25 6th pciture down in the black tousers & the white jackets& crazy shoes?
    I’m so wrong – good fun though.

  2. Gater on


    not sure if i like her look all together but it is defianetly different and individule.

  3. stilinberlin on


    hi curly, the 2nd one is right! the first not, I’m afraid – so keep on searchin!

  4. Liina on


    What about the second picture from the 18th August 2006? =P

  5. stilinberlin on


    Good guess, but I’m afraid that’s not her! A hint: the actual picture shows her natural hair-color, the first pic didn’t….

  6. Liina on


    Okay.. what about the first picture of 10th March 2007(Picknick)? A girl with classes. She has similar smile =)

  7. curlycustard on


    Okay – last guess from me. Is it from the 18.08.2006 RAW Tempel but the 5th picutre with the brown trousers & blue/ornage top?

  8. stilinberlin on


    no, no… it’s no club – pic – it’s one in the sunshine…!

  9. Anonymous on


    Her name is valeria farina and she just moved out of berlin. you can find her in antwerp.. at the fashion academy
    her ex roomate
    ps: the skirt is mine

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