Where the FAK!?

Something that is of great interest for us – We really love the streetstyle pictures of FAK! from (presumably) Kiev. But for some weeks (it feels like months!) the linkt to FAK! isn’t working anymore…! Would be so nice if someone of you knows what’s going on and could tell us if they just moved or stopped working or…!

thank you


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  1. stilinberlin on


    ok, thanks! because of my poor russian I can barely read the page – but I did find the links to the FAK! page not updated as well – since I don’t have a lifejournal account and I do not know wether he understands english or not – could please someone ask him or something?

    thanks :-)


    ps: I especially liked that their backgrounds matched the outfits perfectly!

  2. Anonymous on



  3. Anonymous on


    it’s the hoster’s fault

  4. Genosse Philipp on


    Das dauert noch ein tick. Aber FAK lebt noch ja! Soweit das uns Phil Bananov verspricht ;)

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