Winter reloaded: Berlin in March

Sara from London, 25

I’m Vladimir, 26 years, from Berlin. I study fashion and graphic design. I’m wearing cheap spanish shoes from a supermarket, trousers from BLB, available at Apartment, Berlin. A 2nd Hand shirt from Bulgaria and an old watch by Casio.
What fashion means to me, that’s…I don’t know. It’s important to me.

My name is Malena, I’m from Sweden and 26 years old. I study costume design at Universität der Künste Berlin. Today I’m carrying around a lot costumes. Boots are from H&M, so are the trousers, 2nd Hand tunica from the 70ies, the jacket is 2nd Hand. I think clothes tell a lot about a person. I’m wearing this today because I think it’s a little spring-like and today is spring. Again. In Berlin.


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  1. Tillmann on


    Hey Benjaboy, now this is what i mean: Vladimir is wearing BLB trousers? I really would like to know more about the brand – you should sell them some add space ^.^

    Oink, oink

  2. stilinberlin on


    Dear mr. mann, if you want to know more about BLB go to apartment store, memhardstr. 8 in berlin – and don’t forget mir was mitzubringen! regars, ms stili

  3. eurobrat on


    I love the first girl so much.

  4. Candid Cool on


    Great style. But I like the gentleman’s grey/silver trousers the best!

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