Back and Flowers

Marida, 22, sounddesigner from Italy (living in Berlin)

She and her bike were rushing by and it was one of these good-style-but-on-bike-hence-no-photo moments. This we experienced two to three times already everytime we’re shooting. And you know what: each time it gets more depressing. But then Marida stopped almost right infront of us!
We had a little trouble approaching her since our hands and mouths were full icecream from Aldemir. Believe us, that’s not the kind of parlor where you take only one scoop (they sell such mouth-watering flavors like cookies, mecroche, chocolate&chilli and granny’s apple pie and also great pizza). In the end we did get to talk to her and it was worth the effort of taking a break from the ice cream, because that’s the way a sexy back pose is made.
Marida is currently living in that Álvaro Siza building in Falckensteinstraße, where she also designs her own clothes (e.g. that shirt) and pays a horrible rent.

Pierre, 30, writer from Paris

He was the first person we approached on that sunny day and also the first in a row of non-german NeuBerliner (new to Berlin). Since Paris was way too boring he came to Berlin to write a novel, kind of autobiographic. His bag is Comme des Garçons for Fred Perry.

This is Bettina, lovely fashion-editor for Berlin city magazine Zitty. She was accompanying us this day and asking profound and thrilling questions to make a report on us for the next issue.


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  1. Candid Cool on


    The 1st girl is stunning. And such interesting red flats too

  2. Anonymous on


    your blog got so boring. carneval is the downpoint. go to facehunter to see hot couture, this has nothing to do with style and fashion!

  3. StilinBerlin on


    Well it is true that the content got a bit less, since the sem is ending and uni is still our first priority. Yvan is doing this for his life, so naturally he puts more effort in his blog than we are. And yes his photos are marvelous.
    The carneval was more a catch of the atmosphere on those days. And we mentioned that it was not a typical fashion post.
    Naja, I hope you will like the upcoming content better.

  4. dianabobar on


    the first girl’s shirt is absolutely amazing!

  5. Anonymous on


    For the first time ever I understand that the German saying “auch ein schöner Rücken kann entzücken” really is true. OMG!

  6. Anonymous on


    Shouldn’t a fashion editor be able to at least stand up straight when being photographed?

  7. Anonymous on


    actually you should not do that job!!!!
    you put berlin in a bad light..
    and I think you don`t have the right feeling for fashion..not at all.
    you are trying to copy something but in a bad way and you just dont catch the right things.

    fashion is for fashion people

  8. stilinberlin on


    we don’t get the problem some people are having with this post… can someone explain it to us?!

  9. sezgihan on


    türkiye style

  10. cynthia01 on


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    of it’s information.
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