Blume & Stern, Friedrichshain

Noemie, 23, student


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  1. christine on


    I love the couple in the background in the first picture! The outfit is lovely also

  2. Javier on


    lovely job.. lovely

  3. Matei on


    really nice blog! love the style! keep up and updating more often…bbye!

  4. Anonymous on


    thats a really big whitehead under her eye

  5. woogie on


    she’s gorgeous, and the couple in the background completes the moment.

  6. Anonymous on


    It seems german girls are bra fetishists.
    Nowhere in the world are so many
    highly visible bras on the streets.
    Have them all floppy tits or are these kind of girls bashful?
    When they really need a bra (big tits!) do hide it.
    That looks more nice !!!

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