Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

The yearly Karneval der Kulturen was held last week in Berlin. Another occasion to drink beer, very much like the worldfamous “Oktoberfest”. No, that is not a nice thing to say. Anyway, this post is not really a fashion post, but instead it’s more of looking on one of Berlin’s craziest festivities.
So come along and enjoy:

“Come along or I’ll getcha!”

Belly dancing german women.

A capoeira-group. First picture is kind of messed up, because these two people are blocking the view.

The question is: Is she some kind of historical character? Can she fly with those golden wings?

Typical german festive garb. Orange denotes strength, honor, generosity, and prosperity. The white hat and the rainbow flag stand for peace.


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  1. Anonymous on


    Hello my friends…
    They forgive the carnival in my country(Brazil!!!) is very very very better!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come to see!
    Well they will be come!

    One i hug!

  2. Anonymous on


    Hey, the guy in the orange shirt is so typically german!
    This is how all the “Volksfest” look like here, come and see…

  3. Anonymous on


    i like the one in the turquoise shirt.

  4. StilinBerlin on


    @last post by anonymous:
    Actually this guy we photographed in our very first post. And he is from Holland, that’s all we know about him.
    Does anyone know what this thing on his knee is exactly? Looks like some kind of bell. We did not have the time to ask him unfortunately.

  5. Anonymous on


    I know him (sort of). I don’t see anything on his knee though..?

  6. Anonymous on


    Ok I see what you are talking about. I have no idea what that is, but if I have a chance to ask him, I’ll let you know.

  7. Anonymous on


    a great day – when all the racists and FDP voters from around Brandenburg to “watch the brown people dance” and eat something with garlic in for the first time in their lives. KdK works AGAINST true and natural integration and acceptance, promoting instead spurious tolerance, the racist fetishisation of the “other” (as if that needed any more promotion in this country) and selling shed loads of expensive “ethnic” junk to the guillible.

  8. Anonymous on


    people will not be able to truly relax and live together with all their natural differences and similarities until out-dated, self-righteous shit like this is binned. How many people were insulted, threatened and beaten up by police and other Nazis in the eastern suburbs while the Kreuzberg PC intelligensia stared gape-mouthed at a juggling act?

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