That’s so green, around Schlesische Straße

Julietta, 26, working at AM3 (Münzstraße 21) and her friend Maria, 27, journalist from Madrid
We in particular liked the haircut of Julietta in combination with that swinging dress and the greek shoes. We’ll definitely go visit her at Münzstraße, since we now know someone working at that supermegafantastic(etc.) store ;-)
Wondering if Maria draw that bunny on the shirt herself…

Aymara, 38, teacher of languages & Diego, almost 2, feasting on ice cream (bought at the parlor we recommended in the last post!)

Rebecca, 19, student from University of San Francisco, USA

We had fun figuring out nationality this time because only non-germans were around. We have to admit that we had such a hard time figuring out hers.
The reasons for that will stay unknown!

Oppelner Straße, Berlin Kreuzberg


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  1. Anonymous on


    hallo!! about the ami student from San Francisco,she`s dressed pretty cool and im guessing youre not revealing why you couldnt guess her nationality because you reckon most amis dress like shit and uncool…. hmmmmm, I beg to differ!!
    im an ami living in germany and outside the large cities, id have to say its mainly germans who dress like kaka with keine ahnung wenns über eigene stil geht ect…
    so come on dont be so rough on us amis! were not ALL fat, aloha shirt ´camera toting bag peeps!! uuuggghhh!!
    love your blogg!!
    -an american in germany with german boyfriend (big luv!!!)

  2. dianabobar on


    your blog is amazing! I am German at my roots (my grandma is originally from Germany, maybe that’s why I love the atmosphere of your blog!
    keep it up!

  3. Anonymous on


    Rebecca needs to find an orthodontist, quick sharp.

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