Treestyle, Friedrichshain

Mia, 26, from Copenhagen, visiting Annarosa

Annarosa, 26, artist, from Copenhagen, living in Berlin for the last 10 month


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  1. Anonymous on


    I’m not sure I understand why you like the first one. I think it’s sloppy.

  2. stilinberlin on


    I liked it because of the vibrant blue trousers and the blue shadow on her face.

  3. ariaddna on


    I love this blog!
    I’m living in Berlin for the last 8 month… but i’m leaving in 29th :(

  4. Fashion Lolita on


    they have their own styles , but i wouldn’t copy eather.

  5. Herr Schmitz on


    ein schöner blog, viel zu spät entdeckt, trotzdem schön. freut mich.

    aber dass hier stylebashing betrieben wird… tz tz tz ;)

  6. Anonymous on


    i dont like this one. its quite akward, homely and early ninties… it doesn’t really have much character- to me.


  7. Anonymous on


    oh, and the first one is like umm… sporty spice meets- hmmm… a bag lady…

    not good. and doesn’t seem to fit in well with all the other fabulous outfits on this website.


  8. Anonymous on


    those pants are just amazing

  9. Anonymous on


    neat encapsulation of everything that is hideous about Friedrichshain

  10. rosemary on


    i love the 2nd girl’s leggings! i am coming to berlin for 10 months starting in september and i can’t wait.

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